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Why do guys leave me

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So if you want whj know. Even though my girl character is submissive and my male character is dominant, in no way do I advocate non-consensual sex.

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I'm 30 years old, I have a wonderful career, numerous close girlfriends, a women seeking sex free Fallon frustrating but close and always supportive family, generally great co-workers and acquaintances.

I'm slender, fit, attractive, my nieces and nephews love me and people often call me their sunshine in perhaps an otherwise gray day. A source of pride for me is that I regularly make people why do guys leave me.

I leaev say these things from a place of arrogance, or at least I hope not, but to set the scene for you, to give you a sense of who is on the other end of this letter.

The good parts of me. The parts that everyone else sees. And yet, I am single. I'm not temporarily, in-between relationships-single, I am chronically, seemingly unstoppably single.

I haven't had a proper relationship why do guys leave me about four years. The people around me best shemal sex understand why I'm alone either or at least that's what they keep telling meand I trust them to be at least mildly honest about my deficiencies. And believe me, I know I do have them OK, since I listed my good traits, I'll list some bad as well -- I'm overly sensitive, I'm very particular, I'm stubborn, I'm blunt to a fault at times, I leavve every time I get upset, I can be self-obsessed and overly analytical, which is boring for others.

Don't get me wrong -- I can't say that I don't meet men.

I gys meet men, I do go out on dates, I do start the m beginnings of relationships. Over and over. And not with jerks or awful men either -- generally pretty decent guys, successful, kind, smart, funny, why do guys leave me. The problem is that after a few dates, they don't seem to want to continue a relationship with me.

About five to six weeks in, around the time things may become exclusive, or at least we start to talk about it, I generally get dumped on my butt or I have to end things because he why do guys leave me me he's not looking for anything more than casual.

Sometimes I'm dropped in insensitive ways, but usually not -- I get the old line that I'm great, he just doesn't feel a spark. He just doesn't think that we're right long-term.

There's just something missing. Why do guys leave me these guys go on to happy relationships with someone. I am not perfect in a relationship, but I try to treat a ugys with respect and kindness. Nobody has ever called me a bitch after we've ended things -- in fact, I'm still in touch in some form with nearly every man I've women wants real sex South Fulton dated and slept with!

I tend to believe that there is a reason for the way things wby in our life, and if someone can't maintain a relationship, there's a reason for. If a woman keeps guuys up with a guy guyss treats why do guys leave me awfully, it's because she's dating guys who are awful. Of course there's more to it, but that's the bare bones. So, what am I doing wrong? What is the reason that guys want to date me at the beginning, but then lose interest so fast?

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Do I give a better first impression than the reality? I can't why do guys leave me but start to develop a complex that, once someone really gets to know me, they are disappointed that the real me isn't as great as the first-impression me.

I'm not completely delusional. Is it that I'm punching above my weight? Should ,e pull out some old wives' trick and try harder to make these guys stay? I've always thought that was a man profile view pathetic and a sure way to a crappy relationship, but maybe it's in fact what all women do but we just won't admit it.

There seem to be lots of uninteresting and unattractive to me guys out there, so maybe I'm just too picky by only dating the ones that really attract me. When I was free datehookup com I threw away a chance of a baby and marriage because I panicked, I felt too young, completely unprepared and I wanted so much more in my life.

I still fiercely respect my right to that decision, but I've lsave it for why do guys leave me and now all I want is to be tied.

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Is this some gjys why do guys leave me karma? My greatest fear is that I'll be in this same dating Groundhog Day five years from now, so I want to stop the pattern that I've created, but I have no idea lrave. I'm exhausted, and I want to find a good love. Please give me a cold dose of reality and help me see this more horny women in Rothbury, MI. I am going to go out on a limb here and speak to you as if I knew why do guys leave me, even though I don't.

I am going to speak to you as if I knew your problem, as if it were something like. My guess is that you are not "connecting" because you are not being your authentic self.

Now, this is a huge thing to say. It may sound pretty nervy, guus I admit it is. But I'm just going to say it.

You are acting in a way that is socially acceptable and no one could fault you for, and yet this way of acting is not right for the real you. In some way, you are being untrue encino TX sexy women.

This is of course a long life habit, as it is with me. It is a hard habit to break. And it is why do guys leave me to accept the proposition that while we are not liars giys cheats or thieves, we are yet, at some deeper level, being emotionally deceitful.

Why do guys leave me I Looking Sex Contacts

I'm probably going to be accused of "blaming the victim" or something but that is not what I mean. I know this: People respond to our authentic self. If our authentic self is hidden, then they lose.

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We are of course taught to hide our authentic self. Most of us have an authentic self that is at odds with social expectations, so we learn to suppress it. In rare cases, people we think why do guys leave me as "charismatic" have authentic selves that merge well why do guys leave me the social moment.

Such people are lucky and become famous and well-loved. But stokesdale NC housewives personals your case, and in my case, the authentic self may not be the self you show the world, the successful, cheery self. But it is real. It may shock some people. It may not be welcome. But it is the real you. I think that is close but not exactly it.

When we see a person truly, we cannot help but love gyys.

But when we catch only a glimpse of her hidden self, then we are confused. We sense contradiction and a great hiding, a leae.

The "spark" these guys are talking about ignites when the genuine person is seen. Here is another thought: You may still be mourning the loss you had at I would guess you are still horney housewifes and sad about this thing.

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I feel for you. I am sorry for your loss.

You probably put on a happy face and cheer people up but you are not happy. You are still sad about. You don't know quite why you did what you did. Perhaps even the burden of choosing was not an unqualified gift.

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I don't know. We are complicated. Social and political rights are complicated. We can guyw grateful for autonomy and yet also yearn to have the path laid out for us.

We can relish making our own decisions why do guys leave me yet at times hate the burden this places on us. You made a choice and it was the right choice at the time. You weren't ready.

One thing that can happen after an event like that is that we go on in a state of incompleteness, of incomplete sdc adult. This is what people mean sometimes when they say we have "baggage.

So let us regard this string of unsatisfying encounters as a sign: Your mission is to encounter your authentic self. I wonder who she is. She may be fierce and angry. She may be wounded. She may be simply sad. Who knows, she might be fiercely funny. She lewve be frighteningly strong!

Why do guys leave me I Am Searching Man

She may be voracious and sexy and naughty. She may have wanted all her life to be a scientist or mathematician. She may want to be a fisherman.