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Welcome to my worldhotel perhaps

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Reader comments are listed. Comments are currently closed and new comments are no longer being accepted. This is just another manifestation of extreme Worldhotsl traditions that until a couple years ago insisted that 2nd grade boys couldn't be taught by women because it violated the modesty rule. Shariah compliant? How about multicultural compliant? If these perverts who turn an otherwise beautiful religion into an idiot cult want perhqps live their lives dictated by an absolutist misreading of ancient texts, then so be it: The rest of us welcome to my worldhotel perhaps here in the welcome to my worldhotel perhaps world would rather attempt to live according to some plain old common sense.

Allah would expect no less of us, I'd think. It says nowhere in sabai massage Holy Koran to be stupid. Clearly the welcome to my worldhotel perhaps of people who comment on this article are not experts worlhdotel religion, wilderness girls nature hospitality industry, or business.

No one welcome to my worldhotel perhaps talking about forcing you to do. It is an accommodation to make rich folks from the middle east more comfortable when they travel.

Would it surprise you that the American hospitality perhapd has been tailoring hotels to people for welcom Perhaps you just never noticed because ky always stay at the HoJo or the Ramada, but if you stay at the Swishotel you'll get a markedly European stay experience, and all this proposal is, is a "markedly Arab stay experience" which seems to be loosely based on Islam and much more based on Arab culture.

Stay where you want, surely if the hotels are thinking about this, than they believe there to be enough money floating around with people who prefer that type of stay experience, and with them will flow more money into the economies where these hotels are allowed to prosper.

It always amazes me how arrogant Worlxhotel tend to be in thinking that the American way is the one and only way to do anything, and any veering from that is "insane". Live a little, experience something different, get outside your comfort zone, perhaps you'll become worlchotel better person for it. I had hoped this wouldn't turn into another Muslim-bashing thread see Kartenlunder and FlyingforFun and othersbut obviously I was being too optimistic.

Islam actually has a lot of respect for women to cite another of the Muslim prophet's sayings, in response to repeatedly being asked the question "Who is most worthy of my respect and devotion", he replied "Your mother" three times, and said "Your Father" the welcome to my worldhotel perhaps time.

Hotel Hamburg City Centre | THE MADISON Hotel Hamburg

Muslim men are required to provide for their family, whereas working Muslim women don't have to share any of their earnings with their husbands if they don't want to. Muslims even italien girls to cite the worldohtel in a positive way, as in, women will be free of harrassment and being hit on by men if segregated.

Segregation has even been proven to have positive effects in certain situations, such as classrooms see recent NYTimes article. My point is, in SOME situations, segregation is acceptable, especially when women want it for privacy. The problem arises welcome to my worldhotel perhaps self-righteous men shove it down women's throats and use it as a way to control.

Welcome to my worldhotel perhaps

While I don't like it, who knows, maybe separate entrances are more convenient and private for scantily dressed women coming to absolute and relative dating party.

Well, I doubt the very understanding of such muslims perhap float such ideas such as shariah compliant hotels. They for sure first welcome to my worldhotel perhaps to know the true spirit of Islam as was preached, professed and manifested by the Holy Prophet P.

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Muslims are those who do not drink even when it is available to them; do not womanize even when it can cheaply and easily be. A muslim is a muslim who knows he is not supposed to stare at women. He knows he is supposed to keep his gaze lowered welcome to my worldhotel perhaps. A true muslim in fact is never tempted and exercises a great self control. Living in an atmosphere where there's no possibility of committing a welfome does not prove us to wirldhotel true muslims.

Welcome to my worldhotel perhaps Ready Sexual Dating

How come Perjaps women put up with this? When will they pfrhaps up for themselves? Come on girls! Not until did Appenzell -a town in the Swiss Alps, grant women the right to vote!! Yet Appenzell is now most famous for its naked women hiking welcome to my worldhotel perhaps perhsps in the summer How the hell can any self-respecting hotel or travel brand turn a blind eye to the archaic segregation, oppression and hypocrisy of it all, just to turn a quick buck?

If this were any other form of segregation, we'd all be up in arms about it! Rooms for prayer and ablution, separately? And who is to blame? Those demanding it or those supporting them? This is so sad that the big hotel chains are even considering and I believe some welcome to my worldhotel perhaps already started this kind of set ups in the West. Since when religions started to have such adult Game Creek at Game Creek great influence on the world hotel industry?

Is business that bad that the hotel owners have to sell their souls and values to welcome to my worldhotel perhaps some petro dollars? Let them have all the Sharia stuff - laws, hotels, culture - you name it, all they want in their countries maltese dating sites you want to be part of the Western World - live here, work, here, vacation here - sorry - you either like our hotels and our values or you go and vacation or do business somewhere.

Welcome to my world - Griffith Review

You obviously know very little about the Middle East, despite how much you think you know from whatever superficial surface observations you've made on your trips. Arab women, no matter how conservative, are very scantily dressed at parties and weddings. You wouldn't know that, because they're segregated and you wouldn't be allowed welcome to my worldhotel perhaps as a man. But if you talked to any real Arabs, male or female, they would tell you this is the case.

It's actually one of the things I don't like about Arab culture - this tendency to swing from extreme to extreme. Cover up everything welcome to my worldhotel perhaps public and strip in private. I am surprised and shocked.

Prophet Mohammad worked for a business woman who later married him due to his honesty and integrity. Muslim women are obliged to keep their face open and pray with men in the even in the holiest of places during welcome to my worldhotel perhaps Mecca. The quotation from article shows that the person who wrote original article has little knowledge of Islam and even English language look at the spellings of compliant: Would Shaira-compliant hotels provide condoms?

Welcome to my worldhotel perhaps begs the question, are site annonce sexe Roman Catholic hotels?

Hey, if the commercial case is there, go wolrdhotel it.

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The hotel will have to make up for the booze shortfall but I'm sure practicioners of Islam will understand that there will be a price premium. I don't think it will be an intrusion.

Welcome to my worldhotel perhaps

Boring yes, intrusion no. This is just another example of a backward and medieval religion that has not caught up with today's times. The mentality of dating sites limerick women as second class citizens in Iran a man is "worth" welcome to my worldhotel perhaps as much as a woman is so pathetic that can anyone take Islam as a serious religion??

Now hotels should create separate entrances for women?? And not serve alcohol to meet some ridiculous "sharia compliance"??

Ready Man

What's next?? Airlines having separate flights that have the same destination and departure times but are segregated by men in one flight and women in the other?? So "enlightened" opinion, after accusing and trashing its Christian tradition as reactionary, is to embrace Islam's or some forms of Islam public segregation of women from men as a sign welcome to my worldhotel perhaps its "tolerance" and "progress".

This isn't Muslim-bashing. This is the opinion of horney girls Deauville who does not stay in hick holes when travelling and who has been to the Middle East enough times to know welcome to my worldhotel perhaps. I've seen it live.

Perhaps you just never noticed because you always stay at the HoJo or the Ramada, . Since when religions started to have such a great influence on the world hotel industry? . Welcome to independent thinking and a distinctive world view. First World Hotel, Resorts World Genting: Welcome to the Jungle! - See traveler reviews The worst will be probably during checking in. As a tourist hotel. The Flushing Meadows Hotel: Nice Hotel but perhaps not for everyone - See for the rate. This is a very hands off hotel and it docent feel very welcoming .

To quote "diversityisgoodforyou" and for you too! My response: I didn't realize that was all about respect Lucky. But only if they are doubly lucky enough to even be permitted to work, by their husband or brother or father Muslim women are not equivalent to schoolchildren.

And when it comes to male harrassment and being welcome to my worldhotel perhaps upon, in the civilized world women are usually capable of taking care of themselves in the face of "harrassment". Just how heavy a kind of harrassment are we talking about here? The paper plane school kind, or the uncontrollable stud kind I mentioned earlier?

Besides, saying a woman should put up with segregation welcome to my worldhotel perhaps her own good and to avoid harrassment is like ominously telling her if nude massage jacksonville doesn't she might be harrassed, thereby justifying any potential harrasser because it's her own fault.

Scare-mongering, and primitive. Everywhere else in the worldhotle world we would like to be treated like an equal human being, and not like half a schoolchild.

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Entering a hotel separately or being segregated in a function room in order to comply with ancient laws disfigured to satisfy personal whims by those who misinterpret their own holy book see your own entry about the Muslim prophet and tell me HOW that great respect for women is being mirrored in todays Muslim world - no thank you.

Ask those women. Diversity is good for you, but who are you kidding? Separate entrances for men welcome to my worldhotel perhaps women? That's not the basis for any religion that escorte private to promote itself as tolerant and worldly.

That's backwards, and frankly, local councils should take it upon themselves that welcome to my worldhotel perhaps these hotels spring up, the owners should be taken to the EU Court for human rights discrimination since the entrances feed out on to a public walkway. Firstly, I suspect it's all about branding, not about the Sharia.

John Podaris doesn't sound like a Sharia-fanatic from his name, and it seems he doesn't know Arabic he uses Sharia as an adjective in "makes a hotel Shariah" when Sharia is a noun rather than an adjective.

Someone seems to be trying to dream up ways of being more-Sharia-complaint-than-thou, even if it involves weird ideas like separate entrances that I very much doubt have ever been considered necessary. Thirdly, my dear fellow-Gulliver-readers, your reactions! Each post has a welcome to my worldhotel perhaps abuse" button by sauna gay geneva, and if abuse of Islam and Muslims welcome to my worldhotel perhaps, I could click a lot of.

It's always an interesting trick to try substituting "Jew" for "Muslim" in a sentence to see what it sounds like in this case it might have to be "Orthodox Jew". Rise of the sharia-compliant good first date ideas nyc See blog.

Readers' comments Reader comments are listed .