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Trailers, Hitches, & Maintenance

Trailer Safety Tips & Hauling Basics

From ensuring that your hitch is right for your vehicle to maintaining your trailer bearings and fixing broken trailer lights, we’re serious about keeping our customers rolling, safely.

Expert Advice, 80 Years of Trailer and Hauling Experience

So, you want to rent a trailer in Cleveland? Buy a hitch-mount bike rack? Learn how to evaluate a used trailer? JTI has been in the trailer and hitch business since 1935. These are the posts you’re looking for.

So you wanna…

    • Buy a hitch-mount bike rack? Not sure what kind of bike rack is best? Want a hitch-mount bike rack but not sure your car can handle a hitch?  Safety is the top consideration – and we cover a few more.
    • Rent a Trailer in Cleveland? Whatever that job is. From car haulers to dumps, we’ve got specialty trailers to help you get the job done. Whatever that job is. Find out why people keep coming back to JTI to rent trailers in Cleveland.
    • Finance a Trailer? You can finance a trailer to get your business rolling, or finance a trailer to have some fun with a hitch. JTI offers customers several options for trailer financing.
    • Evaluate a Used Trailer? Here’s a list of things to look for when you are considering buying a used trailer.
    • Push Your Snow Removal Business to the Next Level? We have some advice for you.
    • More Advice from the Trailer & Hitch Experts

We don’t always spout expert advice about hauling, hitches, and trailers. Sometimes we deliver safety lectures, too 😉 Hey, that’s how we roll. Our two most popular articles on trailer safety are a safety tip sheet (a reprint from Fastway Trailer Products), and a step–by-step list detailing the basic safety inspection you should do every day. And, as you might expect, we’re always happy to share our experience and advice.

Stop by our Oakwood Village showroom just off I-271 at the Forbes-Broadway exit. We’re open Monday – Friday from 8am-5pm and Saturday from 8am-2pm.

Trailer Safety Tips Article Bank

Whether you’re brand new to towing or you’re an experienced pro, we hope you make a habit of reading and reviewing safety basics. Follow this link to find all the articles tagged trailer safety here:Trailer safety tips


Maintenance Matters

Obviously, trailer maintenance is an important component to safe trailering. You can find all of our articles tagged trailer service and maintenance here:


From tire tread and tie downs to broken axles and back-up cameras, we focus on safety to keep you rolling. Have a question about routine maintenance? Something on your trailer sound a little ‘different’? Call us. We’ve been hitching and hauling in Cleveland since 1935.


Screen Shot 2014-12-23 at 11.28.53 AMThank you for reviewing these safety articles. Follow us on Facebook or Twitter for more safety tips and news about clinics and workshops for landscapers, toy haulers, snowplow operators, and other Cleveland-area customer groups. www.JTIinc.com 440.232.4311

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