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So You Wanna Buy a Trailer: Getting the Right Trailer for the Job

Whether you’re new to hauling or looking to add a new trailer to your business fleet, the first thing to consider is not, what trailer should I buy? Rather, the question is, what do you need the trailer for?

Open Trailers, Construction Trailers, Utility Trailers

While open trailers can be lighter weight than enclosed trailers of the same size (and therefore less expensive) they also offer little protection for your cargo – from the elements and from theft.

Another consideration when shopping for an open trailer: they’re not all flat! Car haulers, deckover trailers and flatbeds come in different configurations, frame styles and with a variety of ramp options. The best way to make sure you’re getting what you need is to take a look at the trailer, live and in person, before you buy. 

Enclosed Trailers

Most landscaping contractors, home remodelers, and other businesses that need to protect expensive tools, equipment and supplies prefer enclosed trailers. There are many options on enclosed trailers that need to be carefully considered before purchase.

Doors are a major feature that can make or break trailer usefulness. Cargo doors, barn doors, and ramp doors are among the most common options. In many cases, trailers RackEmmanufacturers offer a side door or “man door” option, which is particularly popular with landscaping trailers.

After you buy an enclosed trailer, you may find that accessories and customizations make it even more useful.

Specialty Trailers, Custom Trailers

Boat trailers, car haulers and tow dollies are among the most-requested types of specialty trailers. Refer or refrigerated trailers are also in high demand, especially for food truck service businesses. Obviously, you need make sure your trailer is right for your job and your needs, it pays to remember that they’re trailers first, and you’ll want to keep it in good working order as long as possible to get the most out of your investment.

Work with a local business that knows trailers, hauling, and has a good relationship with a number of vendors and manufacturers. Cleveland RTA custom trailer

With specialty and customized trailers, in particular, experience in the trailer industry really matters. For example, here’s a custom trailer we outfitted to handle the very specific needs of a municipal agency. Read more about how we customized this enclosed trailer.



Trailer Details that Matter (Hint: They all matter!)

Trailer tongue length affects steering and stability. Taillights (are a critical safety component! and) need to be projected from the elements to remain in good working condition. Your trailer’s weight and intended use will typically dictate what type of braking system you’ll need. From axles and brakes to frame length, construction and Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR), myriad details about your trailer affect its performance, handling and reliability.

Trailer Service and Routine Maintenance

While regular service will help keep you and your trailer rolling and working hard, if you use your trailer, eventually, something’s going to break. We’ve been in the trailer business since 1935. In Cleveland, and throughout Ohio, Pennsylvania and Michigan, people who depend on their trailers depend on JTI.


JTI, Cleveland trailer expertsFinancing a Trailer?  Naturally, there’s the trailer you want, the trailer you need, and the trailer you can afford. At JTI, we offer several financing options, so our customers find they can get pretty close to satisfying all three of those things. www.JTIinc.com

Call us at 440.232.4311 or stop in our showroom Monday – Saturday to discuss your needs and find out how you can get rolling with the right trailer for you.



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Axle News, Trailer Sales Updates

Have you heard about Dexter Axle’s acquisition of AL-KO Kober? We post news from our suppliers and partners on our website. Sure, if you know JTI you know we make axles for many of our customers, especially those with very specific needs and applications. But, Dexter is a long-time partner and supplier – and it’s always smart to keep informed about the industry.

It’s also nice to get a bargain! In addition to news from the trailer industry, we also keep a current list of our specials and sales on the site.


JTI, Cleveland trailer experts

Since 1935, people who depend on their trailers have depended on JTI. Stop by or call us to find out why that is.


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New Trailers Are Springing Up All Over!

4x6 4X6T 3Trailers are rolling onto our lot faster than we can update our online inventory!!

In the past week alone we have received 21 Carry-On trailers, 12 Parker Performance utility trailers, several Atlas Specialty cargo and Haulin trailers, and more are rolling in each day! Update 3/18 – more Haulin are here!

Come see! Call with questions! 440.232.4311

Need to Rent a Trailer? 6x10 AU610SA 2

Spring is so busy in Cleveland it’s nice to know you can rent a wide variety of trailers for your outside work. Call ahead and let us know what you need – whether it’s  an open trailer to haul out some old decking you’ve taken down, a flatbed for mulch, a dump trailer or something else, you can rent it here.

Call us at 440.232.4311 whenever you need to rent a trailer. (The sooner the better; the early b4x8 4X8-WOODY 1ird gets the best selection!)

Boat Trailers, Custom & Special Order Trailers

It’s not too late to put your order in for a custom trailer, or to set an appointment for a safety and maintenance check. Boating season is just around the corner… now’s the time to make sure your trailer will be reliable and safe when you head to the lake.

Service appointments can be made online or by calling 440.232.4311.

Accessories Make Your Life Easier


If you ever thought, ‘Why don’t they make a …’ for my trailer, the answer is, they probably do – and we have it. From brake cables that don’t drag to back-up cameras to bigger mirrors to portable grill trailers (and everything in-between), accessories make your life easier, your trailer last longer, and your hitch ready for a lot more fun.


JTI, Cleveland trailer expertsPeople who rely on their trailers (and hitches) rely on JTI.  Call us at 440.232.4311 or stop in to our Oakwood Village showroom, just off I-271 between Bedford and Northfield Village. ___________________________________________________
green trailer

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It’s a Beautiful Day to Unload Trailers

New trailersWhoo-hoo! We are ready for spring. Can’t you tell? We spent a good bit of yesterday and most of this morning unloading trailers. And what a beautiful day for it! Gotta love Cleveland weather.

The point is, of course, that we’re getting ready for spring. And if you’re like us (dreamy of balmy temps – meaning over 30 degrees!) you’re thinking about how your business needs to ramp up for spring, too. Whether you’re in landscaping, property management, farming, home construction, or just rely on your trailer for fun, it pays to plan ahead in weather like this.

green trailer

If you haven’t scheduled your trailers for seasonal maintenance, stop in or give us a call at 440.232.4311. Many of Cleveland’s landscapers have already brought their trailers in to get ready for spring. No kidding. We’re sure it’s coming, regardless of what the groundhogs said last week.

If you are considering getting a new (or used) trailer for spring 2015, it’s time to make a decision and place an order. Many of the trailers on our lot are already spoken for, and orders are coming in daily. (Did we mention we are absolutely certain spring is coming?) Several of our trailer manufacturers are quoting 3 week delivery times, so if a new trailer is on your wish list for spring 2015, don’t hesitate – come in or give us a call today!

CargoMax trailers

Brrr! It’s cold. Take us home with you!!


JTI, Cleveland trailer expertsThinking about spring? (Or need some Youngstown Gloves or other accessories to get you through this winter blast?) Call us at 440.232.4311 or stop in to our Oakwood Village showroom, where we’re open Monday – Friday 8am-5pm & Saturday 8am-2pm. And, if you’re the social type, follow us on Twitter @JTI_Inc or like our Facebook page. And please, think spring. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Accessorize that Trailer!

Boat trKhorCamoEdgeailers, enclosed cargo trailers, motorcycle and snowmobile trailers, open trailers, flat trailers, even refrigerated trailers. Trailers are our business.

But all day long, people who depend on their trailers stop in to buy gloves. Sunglasses. Straps. And dozens (ok, hundreds) of other useful items that make their lives easier and help them get the most out of their trailer.

So, here’s to accessorizing! This A- Z list is by no means comprehensive – if you need a whozit, whatzit, or whattayacallit for your trailer, stop in or call us. If you need it for your trailer, we probably have it.

Trailer Accessories A-Z 

A – ATV Utility Wench – not the most exciting thing, but when you need it you need it!

B – Bicycle Racks. Oh yes we do!

CarryOnGrill-3X4GT-1-1024x597C – Carry-On Grills.

>>> Tailgate to go, baby! >>>>>>>>>

D – Dexter Axle Genuine Replacement Parts (Brake Spring Kits)

E – Edge Eyewear. Look good. Protect your eyes. 

F FAT STRAP bungee cords

G – Gooseneck hitch? We gotcha covered.

H – Highland Ramparts Center & Tri-fold rampsFatStrapBungee

I – Interstate Marine Batteries & Deep Cycle

J- Jacks

K – Keel Roller Bracketsinterstate-batteries-logo-01

L – Lock EM theft deterrent; Lunette Rings, LED Mini Light Bar, LED stop turn & tail license plate lightsRamparts

M – Magnetic Tow Light Kits

N – New trailers? Check. Used trailers? Check.

O – Our experts. It’s not exactly an accessory, but our expertise definitely keeps you and your trailer rolling along.

RolaPlatypusP – Platypus expandable cartop bags, proportional brake controllers, and plenty of other things that start with P. Like parts!

Need a part? Let us know. 

Q – Quick answers, responsive service, and hitches in a hurry. (Just need a hitch? No appointment necessary!) 

R – RACK EM Systems. Whether your equipment is in an enclosed or open trailer, RACK EM systems keep everything in its place.

RACK EM trailer organizing system

Also starts with R: Rainproof Cargo Bag for hitch-mounted cargo carriers, 13 cf, $68.95 #dryisgood

  S – Swift Hitch Full color Backup Camera

  T – Tekonsha Voyager Electronic Trailer Brake Control

  U – Universal Coupler Lock

 V – Ventmate Replacement Vent (Hey, we said useful. Not exciting.)YTGLogo

W – Winch Ropes & WD 40 and other useful things that start with W

X – XL Clip-on Tow Mirrors

Y – Youngstown Gloves – not made in Youngstown, Ohio, but well-made. The right gloves for a lot of different jobs.

Z – Zip Cables!!! (Our customers LOVE these!)


This is just a sampling of the many items we carry – and what we don’t have in stock, we can order. If you need something that’s not listed here, call us or stop in. We’re here to help! ________________________________________________________________________

JTI, Cleveland trailer expertsSince 1935, people who depend on their trailers have depended on JTI. Call us at 440.232.4311 or stop in to our Oakwood Village showroom, where we’re open Monday – Friday 8am-5pm & Saturday 8am-2pm. And, if you’re the social type, follow us on Twitter @JTI_Inc or like our Facebook page.  ________________________________________________________________________

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The 5 BEST Ways To Avoid Slow Times In Your Business

jtiSafety slow business-55

The worst thing you can have in any industry is a lull in business. Or is it? You never want to leave your employees with no work to do (not only is it financially stressful, it’s also hard on employee morale). On the other hand, knowing how to productively fill downtime is great for business and for employee satisfaction.

Here are 5 SIMPLE tips to avoid slow business times.

  1. Don’t forget the fundamentals: Customer Service should ALWAYS be your greatest priority.  Think of it this way: For every bad customer experience, you will lose 7-21 customers.  People rarely discuss good experiences (see below), but ALWAYS discuss bad experiences.
  2. Give more than what is expected: With every customer, give them more than they expect: use eye contact, try to learn and remember their name, shake their hand when appropriate, and listen for those little things that will mean a lot to them… and give it to them. Customer Service studies show that it is small things that make a difference: gift wrapping, a consistent smile; a personal phone call reminder, etc. Be creative, it will set you apart from others. Got a lull in business? Call a client you haven’t seen in awhile. “I was wondering how things are going, and wonder if there’s anything we can help you with,” are truly magic words.
  3. Think ahead: if there is a sale and/or service that you provide for your customers; schedule them at the original point of sale.  Hair salons are best at this, when the client is paying, they schedule their next appointment. At JTI, we know when your trailer will need to be serviced based on your business, so we will pre-schedule your service appointment so you do not have to remember. We’ll give you a personal call to remind you, as well, the day before.
  4. Keep your customers interested: Social media engagement, blogging, and/or a newsletter; catered specifically to your brand, posted and sent on a consistent and regular basis will nurture your customer relationships. If anything it is a friendly reminder that says, “Yes, we are still here, and ready for your business whenever you may need us.”
  5. Give Back: Schedule events and personally invite your customers.  They can be fun, educational, and possibly an exhibition of new products and/or services.  Plan to have seasonal events that are all unique. The more you have events, the greater your loyal customer base will be.

BONUS TIP >>> Always say Thank You! if your customers did not exist, your business would not exist.

Thank you for reading our blog!


At JTI, wScreen Shot 2014-12-23 at 11.28.53 AMe value our customers and employees, and try to follow this advice every day. Would you like to work here? Follow us on Facebook or Twitter to find out when we’re hiring. (Hint: we’re hiring now!)