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Simple Anti-Theft Device Stops Thieves From Stealing Your Vehicle

The Frontier Protector Anti-Theft device by Smart Tech is a safe, smart, sassy, easy-to-use tool to prevent theft of your trailer or other vehicle. Why do we say it’s sassy? When a thief starts to roll away with your trailer (or other vehicle), the Frontier Protector quickly (but safely) deflates the tires. HA! Take THAT, bozo.

Easy-to-Use Anti-Theft Device

Anti-theft device for trailers, cars

$25.95, while supplies last

Here’s how it works: the Frontier Protector prevents theft by deflating the tires as soon as they start to roll away with your vehicle.

And, it’s easy to install. You simply put the secure nut on the air valve, attach the adaptor, tighten it with the hexagon key, put the tire deflator over the adaptor, and lock it. You’re done! and your trailer (or any vehicle) is secure.

When someone tries to drive away, they’ll experienced a controlled flat, usually within 500 meters, depending on the vehicle’s speed and weight.

Prevent Trailer Theft

Trailer theft isn’t an idle threat; it really happens. Some experts say a sure way to prevent theft is to give your trailer a unique paint job. And, of course, there are dozens of security devices to help you prevent trailer theft. Many of them work well (and we sell quite a few!) – but of course, none of them work if you don’t use them. That’s one reason the Frontier Protector is so sweet – it’s really easy to use.

Great Gift for Cleveland Dads! And Moms!

While we hate to brag (oh, who are we kidding? this is our blog!), we must mention that our production manager developed this product. Stop in to our showroom to see the Frontier Protector! We have a limited supply for just $25.95.

In case you didn’t already make the connection, that’s a useful gift available from a local business, and it’s darned practical, too.

You’re welcome! See you soon!


JTI, Cleveland trailer experts

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Clean & Repack Bearings, Store Your Boat & Trailer Right

Sunny & 70 in Cleveland in November is the stuff dreams are made of! But, it can’t last all month…

That’s why we’ve been telling you what to do to get your boat and trailer ready for storage. Now, we’ll do you one better – the best deal Cleveland is right here!

You bring us your winterized boat, we’ll clean & repack your trailer’s bearings AND STORE YOUR BOAT ’til Spring for just $300. Sweet, huh? Dry that baby off and bring it in here! Boat Trailer Storage Special

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Hush Money: Draw-Tite Hitch Silencing System Rebate

Interested in a Hitch Silencing System? There’s no time like the present! Draw-Tite is offering a $15 rebate and a free QSP now through June 20.

Do we know hitch silencing systems? Heck yeah. Stop in our Oakwood Village showroom or call us to find out more.

440.232.4311DrawTite Header

Got the system, need the rebate form? Download it from the Draw-Tite website.


JTI, Cleveland trailer experts


People who depend on their trailers have depended on JTI since 1935. We look forward to serving you, too! Call us with any questions at 440.232.4311. Our showroom is open 6 days a week and you can pop in to see us anytime on  Twitter and Facebook.