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Safe Towing Tips = Smart Hauling

FW_SafeTowingTips_SafetychainsMaybe safety isn’t sexy, but let’s face it, accidents are even less appealing. That’s why we’re all too happy to share Fastway Trailer Products’ recent list of basic safe towing tips.

We’ll dive a little deeper into each of these tips here in upcoming posts, which we’ll categorize with our other Trailer Safety tips for quick reference.

Fastway’s tipsheet is brief, clear, and to-the-point. In other words, you have no excuse not to read it. We recommend you share it with anyone who drives a trailer.

So You’re One of Those…

…who just hates to read? Fastway offers useful info regarding:

  • Towing capacity
  • Proper loadingScreen Shot 2015-04-24 at 9.03.53 AM
  • Hitch set-up (ball height adjustment)
  • Mirrors
  • Brakes (If you’re not sure yours are working right, contact our service department pronto)
  • Smart driving adjustments when towing
  • Safety chains
  • Transmission issues
  • Tires
  • Common sense (hint: there’s no such thing as too much of that!)

Click over to read at least one of them, would you? Please?

Why are we sending you away from our site? Because we really, really like our customers and want to keep them safe, and coming back to our shop. So read it. Thanks.


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