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Bad Bushings Can Cost You a Bundle!

trailer equalizer

Trailer bushings are not immediately impressive. The plain-looking nylon cylinders are small. Cheap, even. But you ignore them at your own peril.

Those inexpensive little plastic pieces – they cost less than $1 each – sit inside shackles and spring brackets, protecting your trailer’s suspension.

Bad bushings can throw off your alignment, lead to uneven and premature tire wear, and compromise the strength of your suspension.

It’s the old ounce-of-prevention story. Don’t let your trailer buckle under pressure for want of a new piece of nylon! Inspect the bushings in shackles and springs a couple of times each year, or more often if you use your trailer frequently or haul heavy loads.

This image of an equalizer on a tandem axle looks good – but what you can’t see is the condition of the bushings. It’s quite worth your time to take the shackles and springs apart to check the condition of your bushings and replace them if any part of the cylinder is worn. Your suspension thanks you!

Bushing in Shackle

Service vs. Maintenance

What’s the difference between service and maintenance? When we’re talking trailers, the difference is money – and it can be hundreds or thousands of dollars of difference. We stock bushings for most springs as well as shackles and shackle hardware. If you don’t have the time (or desire) to do your own routine maintenance, call us. We’ll catch a bad bushing before it costs you an arm and a leg – or a suspension and new set of tires!



JTI, Cleveland trailer expertsPeople who depend on their trailers depend on JTI. Since 1935, we’ve been keeping Cleveland’s trailers on the road, working safely as long as possible. We don’t just sell trailers, we help owners maximize their equipment investment. Need trailer repair, service work, parts, or something else? Call or stop by to see why our customers have stuck with us for 80 years. www.JTIinc.com  440.232.4311

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Boat Trailer Lights: Common Sense Tips

Let’s get obvious: Boat trailers spend a lot of time in the water, so lights corrode. Just as obvious: lights and signals need to work, for safety’s sake to avoid accidents.cut screw boat light –  and for frustration’s sake, to avoid getting ticketed!

Want a little good news? It’s often cheaper and easier to replace the whole corroded light and wiring than it is to fix it.*

Do your boat trailer lights work? Need a service appointment? Contact us

Tips to Prevent Corrosion and Keep Boat Trailer Lights Working

The easiest way to prevent lights from corroding is to make sure you have submersible lights! Virtually all new lights are; check yours if they are several years old. (Yes, we sell submersible boat trailer lights.)

  • Rinse your trailer after loading up – and don’t forget to spray off your lights. Even if you boat in fresh water, some brackishness/pollution is present and will speed corrosion.
  • Once they’ve been rinsed off and are dry, spray all connections with dielectric grease to prevent corrosion.
  • Check your lights before you drive away!

What’s that? you’re a do-it-yourselfer and want to wire your own lights? Take a tip from the Boat Owners Association of the US; see its helpful info sheet on Trailer Wiring Care. We also recommend reading BOAT-US’s article about trailer tires. Happy reading, happy boating!

Boat Trailer Wheels rust too! Protect yours or get galvanized wheels. We’ve got them too 

*Note: please recycle all you can of the old lights, rather than discarding in the trash. Mother Earth says “thanks.”


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Cleveland’s boating season is too short! We highly recommend scheduling pre- and post-season maintenance for your trailer so you can make the most of the summer on the water.