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Cleveland Roots, Innovation & Good Works: Let’s Keep Rolling

Once again, The Culinary Institute in Milan, Ohio is hosting the Roots Conference, inspiring chefs to use their talents (and jobs) to make food a little more friendly for folks who eat. The chefs and others in attendance will explore how they can (and do) make a difference to clean water, health, trash, the environment…it’s heady stuff. carrot-trailer

If you’re thinking “this had nothing to do with trailers,” you’re right. Of course, if you’ve visited here before, you also know we’re very fond of farmers, and that we like to eat.

Cleveland Roots, Reaching Out

We’ve been in the trailer business, here in Cleveland, for 80 years. We haven’t exactly reinvented the wheel, but we’re very proud to say we’ve helped keep our customers rolling for a long time. Trailers and hitches aren’t as fundamental to life as food, but they are certainly fundamental to our customers’ businesses. Quite simply, we take pride in what we do. That’s why we’re still doing it.

We believe no matter what your business, no matter what your job, you can make a difference by doing it well.

From trailers and hitches to sandwiches to farming, whatever you do affects others. So here’s to the 80-year-old Cleveland sandwich shops, the Cleveland corporate giants not resting on their laurels, Potato_harvest_-trailerthe farmers who feed us all, and to you. Whatever your job, do it well. It matters.

More about the Roots Conference: If you’d like a little food for thought about how the food you eat affects your overall health and the world in general, take a look at the Roots agenda. Or just read the short piece in Scene Magazine – another Cleveland gem.


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rental trailer pulls float in Twinsburg

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Thanks to Wild Republic for Taking Us to the Twins Days Parade!

We had some (vicarious) fun when Wild Republic called us to rent one of our trailers and roll along in the Twins Days Parade!

Wild Republic gave us the specs on the float they were building, described what they needed, and told us about their tow vehicle. We made the reservation and … well, the rest is history. In fact, the 2015 parade theme was “Time Machine: Twins Days: Times 2 Remember!”

Rolling Along with Friends

Wild Republic‘s float looked great, and the company took a bunch of friends along on the parade route. The Twinsburg company had the perfect products to display, too – Switch-A-Roos.  The unique plush toys aren’t exactly twins; they’re more like two best friends, paired together forever. Or more accurately, sewn together. If you haven’t seen a Switch-A-Roo, you might not understand how a puppy can turn into a pony…trust us; they’re cute!  (Click on the 360 View to see what we mean.)

Also fitting for the Twins Day celebration: Wild Republic’s booth was themed “Switch-A-Roos: All Your Friends Come in Twos.”

Speaking of Switch-A-Roos… Plush Toys in Twinsburg Parade

Hitches and trailers are two other things that go great together (although aren’t not quite as cute as puppies and ponies). As Wild Republic prepared for the parade and festival, they anticipated some changes with the towing vehicle they planned to use, and they called us to make sure the vehicle would align with the trailer they needed for the float.

A little switch-a-roo? No problem. Making wildly cute toys is what Wild Republic does; making trailers and hitches work together is what we do.

Without a Hitch?

Now, we can’t say the parade went off without a hitch, because of course, if you’re pulling a parade float you definitely need a hitch! (Ha, ha…trailer humor, no extra charge.)

JTI, Cleveland trailer experts


Got a trailer or hitch question? We’ve been answering trailer and hitch questions since 1935. Please, keep asking!! We’re here to answer.

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Father’s Day Thoughts, 2015

Raise your hand if you’ve ever said to dad, hey, I was wondering if you could help me with a little project this weekend… Umhm. We thought so. And what did he say? Umhmm. We thought so. Dads are pretty dependable. 

Vintage JTI image-JohnBW

Over the course of 80 years in the trailer and hitch business, we’ve met a lot of hardworking people. Some of the busiest and hardest working, of course, are the ones named Dad.

While we’ll be closed on Sunday, we know a lot of our customers named “Dad” will be working on Sunday, like they do every day. They’ll be farming and fixing, mowing the lawn and moving pianos, picking up an extra shift to make ends meet, and teaching their kids how to ride bikes, drive cars, fix roofs, replace driveways… you name it, whether it’s a “real” job or just a day in the life of being a dad, most pops we know will be working this Sunday.

As trailer and hitch experts, we’re not necessarily qualified to give relationship advice. However, we’re absolutely qualified to say this: If you have a chance to hang out with Dad this Sunday, even if it feels a little bit like work, do it. Maybe you could even help him with one of his projects. Just a thought.


JTI, Cleveland trailer experts


John Agoston, Trailer Manufacturer, Cleveland innovator, and Dad, founded Johns Trailers Inc. in 1935. Here’s to busy guys everywhere!

Happy Father’s Day.


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The 5 BEST Ways To Avoid Slow Times In Your Business

jtiSafety slow business-55

The worst thing you can have in any industry is a lull in business. Or is it? You never want to leave your employees with no work to do (not only is it financially stressful, it’s also hard on employee morale). On the other hand, knowing how to productively fill downtime is great for business and for employee satisfaction.

Here are 5 SIMPLE tips to avoid slow business times.

  1. Don’t forget the fundamentals: Customer Service should ALWAYS be your greatest priority.  Think of it this way: For every bad customer experience, you will lose 7-21 customers.  People rarely discuss good experiences (see below), but ALWAYS discuss bad experiences.
  2. Give more than what is expected: With every customer, give them more than they expect: use eye contact, try to learn and remember their name, shake their hand when appropriate, and listen for those little things that will mean a lot to them… and give it to them. Customer Service studies show that it is small things that make a difference: gift wrapping, a consistent smile; a personal phone call reminder, etc. Be creative, it will set you apart from others. Got a lull in business? Call a client you haven’t seen in awhile. “I was wondering how things are going, and wonder if there’s anything we can help you with,” are truly magic words.
  3. Think ahead: if there is a sale and/or service that you provide for your customers; schedule them at the original point of sale.  Hair salons are best at this, when the client is paying, they schedule their next appointment. At JTI, we know when your trailer will need to be serviced based on your business, so we will pre-schedule your service appointment so you do not have to remember. We’ll give you a personal call to remind you, as well, the day before.
  4. Keep your customers interested: Social media engagement, blogging, and/or a newsletter; catered specifically to your brand, posted and sent on a consistent and regular basis will nurture your customer relationships. If anything it is a friendly reminder that says, “Yes, we are still here, and ready for your business whenever you may need us.”
  5. Give Back: Schedule events and personally invite your customers.  They can be fun, educational, and possibly an exhibition of new products and/or services.  Plan to have seasonal events that are all unique. The more you have events, the greater your loyal customer base will be.

BONUS TIP >>> Always say Thank You! if your customers did not exist, your business would not exist.

Thank you for reading our blog!


At JTI, wScreen Shot 2014-12-23 at 11.28.53 AMe value our customers and employees, and try to follow this advice every day. Would you like to work here? Follow us on Facebook or Twitter to find out when we’re hiring. (Hint: we’re hiring now!)