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When Tribe Time is Snow Removal Time

So how often can you shop for a snow plow and see the Tribe play on the same day? YES! It is a magical October indeed. Screen Shot 2016-10-25 at 1.40.19 PM.png


We’ve been Tribe fans for 80 years or so, and along with all of Cleveland we’re focused on baseball, but we’ve still gotta work, right? And so do you. That’s why we’re booking pre-season snow plow service and maintenance for our customers now.

In addition to offering the best in new snow plows, salt spreaders and attachments, we also help our customers keep their equipment in shape. Because in Cleveland the weather (and therefore the demands on your business) is hard to predict.

Schedule preseason snowplow maintenance and service appointments now 

Call us and let us know when you can stop by to check out and service your snow removal equipment: 440.232.4311

Are you new to the snow removal business, or looking to add a few more plows (or drivers) this year? Here, a few tips we’ve shared in the past:

What you should know about snow removal in Cleveland

Snow plow & vehicle Q & A from Meyer

2016-2017 Winter in Cleveland: Snow or No Go?

We can’t predict Cleveland weather but we do know a number of Midwest states are predicting salt shortages, which makes clearing snow (and ice) more critical.

And, while ADA regulations require public/government organizations (but not private businesses) to clear sidewalks and other pedestrian right-of-ways, with more ‘walkable’ shopping centers and community/residential developments in use all over Northeast Ohio, many property managers see snow removal as a fundamental requirement, a customer service imperative.

Many of our landscaping clients make an extra round of phone calls now, as their grounds maintenance work is winding down, to solidify contracts for the upcoming snow removal season. Now that you’re thinking about how your’ll manage your snow removal business this winter in Cleveland, it’s also time to stop in and pick up those “little” things you need to get ready – gloves, lights, mirrors, Fluid Film… you name it, if it makes your Landscaping/Snow Removal work in Cleveland easier, we’ve probably got it.

JTI2015WordCloudIf you have any questions about getting started in plowing, how to handle walks and salt/snow melt distribution, or need to test and prep your snow removal equipment before the first flakes fall, get in touch. We’re here to help, 6 days a week. 440.232.4311 And…GO TRIBE!!!



Cargo and open trailer rentals

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Timeline: JTI in Cleveland, 80+ years


Johns Trailer Company was founded in Cleveland.cropped-vintage-jti-image-johnbw.jpg

Trailers and hitches were constructed in a 1,600-square foot building on Buckeye Road.Eliot Ness -Cleveland

Also that year, Elliot Ness became Safety Director of Cleveland. (He ran for mayor in 1947.)





The year after Johns Trailer Company was founded, the Republican National Convention was held in Cleveland, the Cleveland Barons hockey team was established, and fluorescent lighting was introduced at NELA Park. We had nothing to do with any of that, but we think it’s cool. Oh, and Jesse Owens won four gold medals at Berlin Olympic Games. 


You could get a complete hitch for about $5.

Hitch Price Sheet 1950s


Rapid Transit operation began in Cleveland. The Cleveland & Newburgh line operated along Euclid Avenue, from Public Square to Wade Park. 


Trailer rentals were booming on Buckeye!


Suburban sprawl was underway: Brecksville, Broadview Heights, Independence, North Olmsted, Richmond Heights, Strongsville and  Warrensville Heights all achieved city status.

Tow Bar - Old Towing TechnologyAlso in the early 1960s, JTI started tow bar manufacturing.


Edward E. Agoston, Sr. took over the family business in the early 1970s.


Johns Trailer Company became JTI.

The Miracle of Richfield was underway at the Coliseum.


JTI moved into a new location in Oakwood Village.JTI Trailer-Ohio-shop

And we’re still here, open 6 days a week. Stop in to see us at 7400 Oak Leaf Road, right off of I-271 at the Forbes/Broadway exit.



The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum opened, the Indians won the American League championship, and Browns owner Art Modell announced he would move the team to Baltimore.


Jane Campbell was elected as Cleveland’s first female mayor.

JTI began selling snowplows and snow management equipment.

Meyer Snow PlowToday, we proudly sell snow removal equipment from Meyer – another great Cleveland company!


80+ years in business & still going strong! Come see why!

JTI, Cleveland trailer expertsSee more tidbits from Cleveland’s history at the site maintained by CWRU; find a narrative description of JTI’s history in one of our April blog posts. Call us at 440.232.4311

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Your Business in 2016: Start it Right!

Many of our customer are business owners – Landscapers, Snow Removal Experts, Construction and Remodeling Professionals, to name a few. And we know that they know that the points in a recent article by Global Resources make a lot of sense. So we have two questions for you, Cleveland-area small (or not-so-small) business owners.

First, are you following this great advice? and second, what kind of positive changes do you anticipate in your business, and in the Cleveland business landscape, in 2016?

We’d love to hear from you. (In fact, if your business depends on trailers, we’d love to feature you in a future blog post.)

Please, leave your comments below.

Here’s to a great New Year!

JTI, Cleveland trailer expertsPeople who depend on their trailers depend on JTI. Since 1935, we’ve been Cleveland’s Trailer & Hitch experts. Call us at 440.232.4311 or stop in to see why our customers have stuck with us for 80 years.

Manicure trailer

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5 Things To Do With a Trailer (That Might Surprise You)

  1. Take Your Business on the Road! What kind of business? You might be surprised. Mobile pet grooming is popular, but it’s possible to  pretty up people from a trailer, too. A European businesswoman came up with the idea for La Lacquerie, a mobile mani/pedi business, when she was grabbing lunch at a food truck.

    Manicure trailer

    Mobile mani/pedi? Sure!

  2. Show off in a Parade! Thanks to Wild Republic, we  got to enjoy the ride (vicariously, at least).  JTI-WildRep-Parade
  3. Snag some family time. Is owning a trailer the key to having a happy family? We don’t have conclusive proof, but there’s definitely some convincing evidence. In Northeast Ohio, camping is just one way our customers have “fun with a hitch.”JJtrailers-insideTent
  4. Work from anywhere. You can park a trailer on a job site and call it your office, or you can create an office you can haul to any job site. Bright lights, 110-v electrical service, a back-up generator, dry erase boards and a durable, good-looking, no-skid floor? Call us about customizing your cargo trailer/new office: 440.232.4311 custom cargo trailer interior
  5. Downsize. Surely you’ve heard of the tiny houses trend? It’s really on a roll. tiny house on flatbed trailer

What do you use your trailer for? We’d love to hear from you! Want to be featured on our blog? Please contact us.

JTI, Cleveland trailer experts

Since 1935, we’ve helped our customers use their trailers for work & play, in some surprising and creative ways.  www.JTIinc.com   440.232.4311

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Cleveland Businesses: Time to Shine

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (in Cleveland), we don’t have to remind you that 2016 is the year (but not the first year) the Republican National Convention comes to our town! That means your business may be in the spotlight, or at least in a position to enjoy some extra attention (and earnings). How will you capitalize?

July 2016: Cleveland, Get Ready Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 12.40.02 PM

  • Perform Equipment Prep and Checks There are no do-overs this summer, folks! The 2016 RNC comes but once. If you need new equipment, give yourself PLENTY of time to order it and get it work and road-ready. Does your business depend on trailers? We always have a variety of trailers in stock, but it’s good to know that the lead time on ordering a new trailer is 8 weeks. So, if you’re in the market for another landscape or cargo trailer, come in and decide which color(s), custom features and add-ons you want NOW. In the spring, trailer manufacturers can get behind. If you store your trailers – or any heavy equipment – during the winter, plan to pull it out of storage and prep it early. Just in case.
  • Ensure Staff is in Place, Fully Trained, Ready to Work Your staff IS your company, and – at the risk of repeating ourselves, there will be no do-overs on the 2016 RNC. Be smart and do all you can to ensure your staff is ready to support your business and serve all of your customers during this unique year in Cleveland. Don’t overlook details like being clear about vacation requests, overtime, and other scheduling issues during your anticipated peak business periods.
  • Consider Pricing Changes Is it fair to increase prices for out-of-towners? Here’s the more astute question: is it the right thing to do for your business? Obviously, the nature of your business has a lot to do with the answers to those questions. The hotel and hospitality industry almost always capitalizes on opportunities when a convention (any convention) comes to town. The bottom line: if you haven’t reviewed your pricing structure with an eye on adjusting it for the summer, now’s the time to think about it.
  • Keep Existing Customers Informed! If you anticipate significant changes in your usual business routine because of the convention this summer, plan ahead and communicate early with your customers – and vendors, for that matter.
  • Document Your Place in History However your business works in preparation for the 2016 RNC Convention, or serves people during the event, your business (and all of Cleveland) will leave at least a little mark on history. Document your contributions, share them with your employees, vendors and customers in your social media feeds, in photos displayed in your offices, and in newsletters and other employee and customer communications.

Speaking of being informed, here’s a link to the official 2016 convention website: Cleveland 2016 Host Committee

RACK EM Are you (and your equipment) ready for 2016? Stop in and find out how we can help you prepare for the coming (extra) busy season in Cleveland. Whether you need to order a new trailer, customize or accessorize your trailers, or are looking at trailer financing options, JTI is your best bet. Call us at 440.232.4311, click around our website, or stop in our Oakwood Village location. We’re open 6 days a week, just off I-271/Forbes-Broadway exit. See you soon!

JTI, Cleveland trailer experts


Made in Cleveland Trivia: When Our Love Affair with Farmers’ Markets Began

We are huge fans of local produce – in Cleveland, of course, but wherever you are, local produce is great.

In the 1930s, you could buy a live goose at the Westside Market.

In the 1930s, you could buy a live goose at the Westside Market.

We’re not nutritionists, but we know fruits & veggies are good for you in general, and understand they’re even better when grown close to home. We’ll leave the dietary advice to the experts and instead play a little Cleveland trivia. Do you know how far back our support of local produce goes? Try all the way back to 1935, when the first of Johns Trailers hauled local farmers’ crops to the West Side Market. Yep, that’s how JTI started rolling.

How far does your tomato travel? From Farmers’ Almanac

Our trailers were first made in Cleveland, on Buckeye Road, more than 80 years ago. We’ve gone through a few old photo albums recently and found some fun memories. Sadly, we haven’t found any pics of our trailers actually overflowing with local produce. (If you have such a pic, by all means get in touch!!)  

Vintage JTI image Johns Trailers Inc

Cleveland’s Trailer experts since 1935.

Now, we’ve been in Oakwood Village for a couple of decades now, and we’re still in the trailer business. And although most of the trailers we sell are from manufacturers like Atlas, CarryOn, Floe, and other great names in the trailer industry, we’re hardly “just” in trailer sales today. We customize, service, and repair virtually all makes and models of trailers. And hitches. (Don’t get us started on hitches…that’s a whole different post.)

Anyway, if you follow us on Facebook or Twitter, you’ve probably noticed we’re quick to share news about local farmers markets and other growing news. Now you know why.

Here’s to a green and yummy season, and a bountiful harvest – in Cleveland and beyond.


JTI, Cleveland trailer experts


From the trailers that haul local foods to market to the construction and landscape trailers that have built this city, we’ve got a trailer (and hitch) for that. Stop in or call us, 6 days a week, at 440.232.4311. We’re open in Oakwood Village Mon-Fri 8am-5pm, and Sat 8am-2pm.

More trailer tips, Cleveland trivia, and some bad puns on Twitter and Facebook, 24/7. Our primary website is www.JTIinc.com

Image credits: JTI and Debbie Snook/Plain Dealer.

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Focus on Innovations in NE OHIO

We’re proud to say we’ve played a part in Cleveland’s history, at least since 1935. But today we highlight the innovations of another Cleveland company and North Coast “neighbor.”

Innovation in Cleveland

innovation is on a roll – in Cleveland! Photo credit: Parker Hannifin/Forbes Magazine

Read the article in Forbes to learn more about some of Parker Hannifin’s latest innovations – including exoskeletal supports to help injured veterans and others walk again. The company isn’t new to innovations, of course.  From a role in getting the Spirit of St. Louis off the ground to a hydraulic system for sanitation trucks that cuts fuel costs by 30-50%, Parker has been pumping out some seriously cool products since 1918.

Interested in finding out about some of the newest innovations and improvements in trailers and hitches? You know who to call! _______________________________________________________________

JTI, Cleveland trailer experts


Need a trailer to keep your innovative business rolling? Contact us. We’ve been Cleveland’s Trailer & Hitch Experts since 1935. Call 440.232.4311, or connect on Twitter or Facebook.

Know some NE Ohio innovators we should highlight? Please tell us.