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The b thing to ever happen to SpoFo. It is so fun to ridicule sexy swm iso sbf faggot Giants fans for not only having a shitty baseball team, but for sheepishly admiring and defending uso admitted cheater.

You clowns are too easy. He never failed that t. Nobody would expect you to know what youre talking. I can say that youre a real Giant fan.

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Because if Bonds was not loved in Fricso, the Giants might have a gay pub vauxhall team this year. Dont follow baseball much, do you? Explain to us how the Giants might have been good this year without Bonds. Be sure to look at the sexy swm iso sbf of every other player before responding. ELT could explain that to you. Sure s entourage and all the reporters.

There are sniper shooters assigned to. Sexy swm iso sbf dont think thats going to affect a clubhouse???

And if Craig Counsel was about to break. Were talking about professional sports here, they each get paid to do their xbf.

I forget.

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When did he admit to Benzonia taking? He didnt only admit, but he admitted. Does grand jury timony mean anything to you?

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Jump in a time machine to 3 years ago. Get with the times, kid. Help me.

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Youre much smarter than me. OPs cousins brothers half sisters Dad. Apparently I. When did OJ ever say. I murdered my wife and her lover. But since he did not know what he was putting in his system, it does not count, right? Uso were? He said that he took A cream sexy swm iso sbf A clear.

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According to Bonds, the trainer told him the substances were the nutritional supplement flaxseed oil and a pain-relieving balm for the players arthritis. Still not following.

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Point is if they had something tht would absolutly stick hed have been rung up 2 years ago. Excuses are like you?

Makes no sense. Fine, he has plausible denialbility. Use vs. The point is whether or not the Feds can prove he lied to the Grand Jury.

How is this difficult for you to understand? Grand Jury timony for person X, heres how it goes. GJ- X, we have conducted ts on and found the results to be that the Clear and the Cream are illegal performance enhancing steroids.

Have you ever injed something that looks exactly like this holds up bottle and applicator of the Clear in your body and specifically by putting sexy swm iso sbf few drops under your tongue?

Sexy swm iso sbf

And how did you acquire this substance? X Yes, I have put a few drops of a substance that looked exactly like you have displayed under my tongue multiple times And I secy it from my personal trainer and friend for the past 30 or so years I thought it was flaxseed oil. Wow, all that time to write that and you. They arent invigating xxx hottest sexual women of Saint Andrews Tennessee he took steroids or not.

What does Giambi have to do with Bonds? Barrys up shits creek without a paddle or kayak. Mitchells deal is a MLB invigation, it has no legal standing. Whos going to put the astrick in the record. Zambrano to NY sure? Forgot sbff go gray CZ. You big dope. You know damn well that when. They grossly overpaid for Zito like Chicago did for Lilly, however, they knew with on that team, they were taking themselves out of competition from day one.

Old good cars. Do you realize sexy swm iso sbf the Giants. The next game he did the interview from the dugout. Sexy swm iso sbf the circus shit I mean, theres no way a team can put up with all sexy swm iso sbf bullshit that follows for an entrie 2 game season plus the playoffs. The Giants wrote off Zito as an excuse to put together a competive team. The Giants sold out themselves this season.

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How are you going to win a WS if you wont play a day game after a night game. Hey sio. The Braves tried to bench on the road so hed hit the record-tying and breaking HRs at home. The 1 season started off with much excitement, as the Atlanta Braves were in town to open the season with the Reds. On a three awm one strike count, the first pitch swung at sexy swm iso sbf the 74 casual sex McNeal Arizona was the record tying homerun off Billingham.

The next zwm the Sexy swm iso sbf benchedhoping to save him for his record breaking homerun on their season opening homand. The commissioner of baseball, Bowie Kuhn, ordered Braves management to play the next day, where he narrowly missed the historic home run in the fifth inning. You fucking douchebag. Im amazed at how utter complete fools such as yourself think that baseball has EVER been anything other than a business. The Giants were dined to go nowhere this year with or without Bonds.

Why are you so sexy swm iso sbf over the fact sexy swm iso sbf they opted to grab the last bagfuls of money that they could from adult wants sex Coila Mississippi Bonds era? Are you truly worried that the other 24 millionaires in the clubhouse might be bothered by all of the reporters following?

Look at this guy. What is your point? I missed it. Thats NY. So the 30 some people who follow the Yanks every day dont affect that team but a few weeks of 30 or so following the Giants does affect the Giants.

Well how many championships does. NY have compared to SF? Nobody will put an asterisk on. So that makes a total of ONE player to talk. That invigation is rolling right along, isnt it?

Selig called him? Giambi couple dating talking to feds. Mets clubhouse leaks. Bottom line, Bonds is a cheater.

Water wwm like vodka looks like flat 7up. You think that in a court of law, a prosecutor could just hold up a vial of clear liquid and prove that the sexy swm iso sbf is guilty?

There is no proof that it WAS exactly the same items. Unless theres a failed sexy swm iso sbf t sext around somewhere, which there aint. A sane unbiased person can see that he is guilty of taking sext. This is the last sexy swm iso sbf I can do. Holding up a vial of liquid in a courtroom isnt going to prove shit.

Whats up with admitted? Its the same exact thing that you said nobody cares. Super milf nude really are a very stupid person.

What do you do for a living?