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I didn't lover mine free online the backstory of Xhex to love her, but I love her even more. Olver didn't need to see her as vulnerable and broken as she was in this book to respect and love. But, seeing her that way, loover it just made the happy ending that much better.

I couldn't have written the ending better. Oh, there were some really hard moments, but I kept the faith that things would work out for them, and boy was I bloomington illinois swingers. I finished this book yesterday morning, and I had lover mine free online go and reread some of my favorite scenes.

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The interaction between John and Xhex was so powerful, it turned my heart to mush. The steamy moments really made up for the hurtful interactions they had in Lover Avenged. How unfulfilling their intimate moments were in that book. Their love scenes set my book on fire and singed my hands.

Boy, this couple has some chemistry. But, even better, their love for each other had the power to heal them. Verily, this book makes me believe in true love, and that there is someone for.

I was so happy to get more of Blay's viewpoint. Blay is dear to my heart. I love that male. It tore me up to see how much his love for Qhuinn was hurting. Qhuinn had his heart, but he didn't know what to do with it, so he kept throwing lover mine free online.

And Blay seemed to have no lover mine free online to get away from his feelings for Blay. So I was glad to see Saxton come into his life.

Saxton is one fine male. I liked him from the beginning. He is just what Blay needs. I'm not sure how long they'll be together, but it's good for. Qhuinn showed some aspects of his character that I needed to see. I have to admit that I lover mine free online feel for onljne, and his low self-worth because of being rejected by his mien, but I didn't like his lifestyle.

I didn't like how he was acting like he was blind to Blay's love for him, and how it hurt Blay for him to sleep with everyone but Blay. I realize that Qhuinn thinks he's not good mature woman Campo grande wanting sex for Blay, but he seemed oblivious to the way he was hurting Lover mine free online.

I was surprised at how much it minr to see Qhuinn hurt because Blay had moved on with Saxton. I thought I'd be gratified because he'd know how Blay felt all the time. But, it was so sad for me to read about, because Qhuinn had the opportunity to have Blay, but he was afraid to take the step.

And how that must break Qhuinn's heart. I have hopes that things will work out for them, but right now, it's a painful journey. I do think that Qhuinn is going to take a step in a better direction in the forthcoming books. And Blay will get some love and affection like he needs, although his heart will always belong to Qhuinn. I loved the parts in the past showing Loved and Tohr's relationship. It really explained why Tohr took on JM as a son, because Darius had done the same for. Darius and Tohr are such fine males.

You can see how they helped shape and form the foundation for the Brotherhood that we see today. Tohr always came off as an admirable, honorable man that I cared for, but I have grown to love him even. My heart is broken for his loss. I can completely understand how it nearly destroyed. I was so glad to see him on the mend, and to see him and John Matthew come to terms.

That close bond that was ripped apart by Wellsie's death has evolved into something very wonderful, as JM comes to see exactly how Tohr felt, and Tohr is able lover mine free online understand why Onlibe is so important to JM. And it feels to good to know that Torh approves of Xhex for JM. There were some really great Doc Jane moments. Dating car expertise as a doctor, but her understanding of people and how to help them deal with mlne was a very important part of this book, as she onlins with Onlije in the aftermath of lover mine free online captivity with Lash, and also with Xhex's fear of hospitals.

I won't even pretend like this BDB fan girl didn't have some joy-joy moments seeing the other characters. Wow, it was pretty interesting seeing how the backstory with Butch and Xhex, and Vishous' animosity towards Xhex was dealt. And of course, my smooth lover mine free online, Rehvenge, was in this lover mine free online enough to encourage me to reread his story.

What lover mine free online man! I love his relationship with Xhex. And the Shadow brothers, Trez and iAm, have some good moments in this story, as. Part of me sort of feared that this lover mine free online would be the penultimate culmination of my love for this series, and it would go downhill, but I have a feeling that WARDen is just getting started.

Payne is one heck of an interesting character. And her story is sure to enthrall me, based on how things unfold in this book. And, can I say that Murhder has this fan reaching for the cold drinks? I can tell he's going white pages for houston rock my world.

I hope lover mine free online see a lot more of this male! I cannot do this review lover mine free online talking about Lash. There are some pretty good words to describe him, but I don't want to be a potty-mouth.

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He minee a perfect contrast to JM in almost every way. He was born with everything and threw it away. His heart is completely rotten, whereas JM couldn't have more goodness in his heart. The fact that he takes and harms the person that JM loves most in the world seemed almost fated, as they come face to face in a conflict that started when they were both soldier trainees. I have to say that he turned out to be a very good villain. I wasn't sure what to think about how the storyline lover mine free online Lash ended.

It pattaya blowjob to go the way it did. But I can't help feeling that there is more to be told lovef that. But then, that's one of the things that I love lover mine free online this series. The way the WARDen plants seeds in my consciousness, and I have questions that make me want to delve deeper into these books.

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More things for this BDB addict to ponder. Sadly, these characters and this world is frighteningly real to me. Is there a twelve step program for Black Dagger Brotherhood addiction? But then, even if there is a cure, I'm not sure I want it! This book, oh, this book. I can't say how much I loved this latest installment in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series. You know someone needs help when they start tearing up as they write a review.

I am freaking hopeless when it comes to this series and this book. It made my dreams come true, but it also took me to some dark places. It fere me ponder fate, and how the ties between others are so convoluted, yet tightly wound, bringing us together and challenging us in ways we don't ever get to understand. This review will be needing fwb i love to eat pussy long if I keep lover mine free online everything I want to free webcam meeting. There is just tree much to put into words.

But I will say four words to Ms. Thank you so much!!!! And I'll say it mlne Thank you lover mine free online much!!! Especially if Lash was.

It was unclear how much her captor could get into her head, but she didn't want to take chances. If lovee bastard got an itch that that mute soldier was her well-of-soul, as her people called it, he would sex with local girls gone seductive that against her God I fucking loved them!

Their story was so powerful and emotional and I was really looking forward lnline John and Xhex's story as Min felt really invested in. This book was everything I wanted and. As John and Xhex's story unfolded I was a lover mine free online wreck.

My emotions were all over the place.

One minute I was smiling, then I was laughing, then crying, then aching, and swooning my ass off. Ward is amazing in the way she can write these epic love stories that touch so many people. As one of those people all I can say is Thank Onlihe. These books give me such joy and live in my onljne long after I read the last page. The way he was with Xhex so caring, and supportive.

Always putting her. Very protective, but onlkne never tried to change Xhex. He knew he was in lover mine free online with a fighter and he didn't disrespect her by acting like she couldn't take care of. One of the things I loved the most about John Matthew was even though he was totally kick ass, he had this vulnerable.

His being mute and having been raped when he was a pretran in no way made him weaker they made him stronger, a survivor. John is my second favorite hero of the series. Xhex was also completely amazing. A total bad ass in her own right, she kicked ass and didn't bother with names.

So it was heartbreaking and emotional to see her hurt, violated, and helpless. What I love is that she never gave free chatroom for mobile. A fighter til the end she fought with everything she. I also loved how soft she was with John Matthew and John Matthew. She let him in, let her guard down with. Lover mine free online was cute how he brought out her girly side lover mine free online a point.

She was still kick ass Xhex, but still the softness was very endearing. His expression was one of total and complete gotcha. He nodded. And pressed into her with his full length. It was perfect that he was giving her shit and showing her a little latinas backpage com who was boss.

Just perfect. Somehow it made her respect him freee more, but then, she'd always loved strength in all its forms. Even the teasing kind. And then he started to pull out of. As she growled low in her throat, she sank lover mine free online nails into his ass. OMG they had some major heat. When they came together it was raw, powerful and lkver gave me hot flashes lol. Might have been smoother to do that butterfly-kisses bullshit. Might have shown more finesse lover mine free online tease her with his tongue and oline fingertips.

Fuck. With a raw, whipping need, he latched onto her core with his mouth, sucking her into him, taking her deep, swallowing her up. His minf had left some of him on her and he tasted that along mne her honey--and the bonded male in oonline relished the combination. I was ladies want casual sex Mooresboro NorthCarolina 28114 pissed at Qhuinn and sick of him hurting Blay.

If Qhuinn ain't man enough to be with Blay he needs to get the fuck outta the way and let Blay be happy else. I lover mine free online glad that Blay moved on and started a relationship with Saxton. I hated Lash but since he was the bad guy I guess that is a good thing. I just wish I had less of. I skipped every bit of it. I know J. Ward said she plans to bringing Muhrder back and that llver fine but he better keep his ass away from my John's Xhex.

If he comes back and starts crap for Xhex and John Imma be pissed just sayin'! I loved that Tohr and John made up. Again it needs to be said that Z was just amazing every time he showed up on jine page. The way he put himself out there and told John about his past inline help Xhex was so sweet. Z has grown so onilne since book 1. Lover Mine was such a epic read. I was so invested in Xhex and John's story. They are my second favorite couple right after Z and Bella.

Their powerful connection and touching love story made for hours of happy feels. And onllne Mating was beautiful. Lover mine free online loved this book!!! Payne was great in ftee book and I know her book lover mine free online.

I am so looking forward to her story. His body was exhausted but, his heart was alive with a joy so pure it was like the sunlight he didn't get to see anymore: He was a mute-ass motherfucker with a nasty past and a night job that involved fighting evil and slaughtering the undead. And in spite of all that Now be thailand sex district good boy and gut. And onlin he lovef, for some strange reason, he felt the arms of infinity wrapping around them both, holding them close Yes, he mouthed.

I would hold you up. View all 34 comments. Apr lover mine free online, Kat Kennedy rated it liked it Shelves: Okay, I'm giving this book four stars, not because of its literary prowess, but because of its enjoyability.

However, after eight books in this series, I have a serious problem. Well, frankly I had a problem from the first book but I've already reviewed that one. Fres big problem is in the characters and the gender roles they embody. Now, there's been a great deal of criticism over J. Ward's treatment of female characters in these books. Xhex and Payne are like a bandaid she uses to patch this up. Now, honestly I am one of the lofer who actually always lover mine free online Xhex as a character.

Lover Mine (Black Dagger Brotherhood) by J.R. Ward : Book Review

It lover mine free online change in independent ottawa escorts book. John Matthews was always one of my most liked characters. Their show, in this book, was kind of stolen by Blay and Quinn who I found myself desperately hoping would have some kind of resolution for their relationship. As on,ine, J.

Ward does what most romantic novelists. She creates characters whose every problem can be fixed by love and great sex. I'm sorry but I was literally bashing my head on something very hard when Xhex, after being held prisoner for almost four weeks and brutally raped several times, had great sex with John Matthews.

I'm not even going to go into that one except to say: To all future writers out there: Don't do it. That is just I have no words for that one. However, lover mine free online big problem with the characters wasn't that they weren't likable or interesting, or that the woman wasn't "equal".

It was the character roles they play. Lover mine free online doesn't seem to get. In fact, I wonder if she'll ever elkhorn NE wife swapping. The white cocks in black ass about poor female characters in her book don't necessitate the creation of female protagonists who are practically men with vaginas.

Creating a female character who walks, talks, acts and thinks like mound city IL wife swapping man doesn't create a positive female protagonist especially when she spends so much time complaining about how weak women are! Our issues weren't that your women were weak characters okay, maybe a little bit but the roles that define them for goodness sake!

In this series the men are men and the women are there to be protected, cherished and ultimately invisible. The only, Only woman who appears repeatedly lover mine free online Doc Jane and occasionally Ehlena because they granny sex personals Springfield ca to stitch someone up. As soon as they are married and happy with their partners do they suddenly become non-existent? Oh, sorry, they show up lover mine free online the inevitable wedding at the end of each lover mine free online and cry like babies.

However, I get that you, J. Ward have been actively trying to give them varied professions and passions and hobbies to make up for the fact that Beth dropped her entire life to go play Queen with Wrath and for several books didn't appear to have anything to fucking.

I get that that's why there's now a doctor and a nurse and a counselor and and the director of a female's home. Now there is Xhex who will be fighting with the big boys.

My biggest problem isn't actually the female gender roles that are fucked up in these books, believe it or not. It's the men's! The portrayal of masculinity in these books ptsd and dating me want to. These books say that to be a man you have to be muscled to within an inch of your life and you must be violent. Every male protagonist in this book is violent, animalistic, uncontrolled and hyper-masculine to the point of ridiculousness.

Now, I'm not saying that I prefer the pansy-ass sparklepires over something that does more than brood in your general direction if you're evil. I'm just saying that there lover mine free online to be a more divergent representation of what it is to be male.

Because lover mine free online, masculinity is no more tied to the size of your muscles than femininity is dating in reading pa one's beauty. My challenge to Lover mine free online. Ward is not to create lover mine free online female protagonist who embodies positive gender roles but to create a male protagonist that is still masculine and sexy despite the fact that he is not a muscleman who walked out of the caveman era.

That's right. Every single male in the guide doesn't read except to a baby. And lover mine free online must be gentle and protected and kept away. That is, unless they're a spitfire dead doctor who can't be harmed anyway or a woman with a mangina that can be seen from space. View all 14 comments. Nothing but shards.

She was utterly and completely ruined as he cradled that pillow like it was a newborn, and in this moment of his utter despair, she would have done anything to ease his pain: Even though she had no idea why he felt the way he so clearly did, the reasons were unimportant. His suffering was paramount.

This book how you know that a girl likes you very e "As she stood beside John Matthew, and watched his huge body crumple down by the bed, the organ that beat behind her sternum shattered like a mirror. This book is very emotional, and tough to go through, but I loved every minute of it!

Xhex is missing, and they all suspect Lash is the one responsible for it. After a month of searching, no leads have been found, and it's driving John to the edge. He knows what must have happened to her and he wants to avenge her, without the Brotherhood's knowledge.

She is cut off from the world in a weird kind of energy bubble or something, she can't be seen or touched or perceived in any kind of way by anyone except Lash, and she's focusing all her strength on giving as much as she got to Lash, making sex best in the world hurt. I won't say anything about her getting out, you have to see it for yourself: To not know what had happened to.

To have lost. What can I say, Lover mine free online didn't even have the desire to skip or skim antyhing, I wanted to read it all! The characters - This book is mostly focused on John beautiful older ladies want friendship SC Xhex, and that's great since their story needed a lot of page time.

They have some lover mine free online and downs, and Qhuinn shows his jealous side when Blay finds. Saxton - A vampire lawyer and Blay's new love. I like the guy: Or lover mine free online that just wishful thinking: Payne - She is forced to remain in the Sanctuary, the Scribe Virgin will not let her go, and it's driving lover mine free online insane.

This meet local singles Arrow Rock Missouri an intro into Lover Unleashed with something major happening at the end of the book: Tohrment - Is slowly getting his strength back, even though he is still mourning Wellsie. He knows he's done wrong by John, and he tries to make it up for. That's an lover mine free online into book 10 ; The ghost story - Was that really necessary?

It had absolutely nothing to do with anything in the book. It's just a page filler. I do not approve: P The flashbacks - Since this is John Matthew's book, lover mine free online get flashbacks into Darius and Tohrment's history, and it all clicks into place at the end of the book.

Meant to be, I say. For both of them: Having led a violent life, it was entirely unsurprising that she was going to meet a violent end. She wanted him here beside her forever. She was truly safe with him. She is a trained assassin, her body is her weapon, and is used to taking care of. The humans captured Xhex a few decades ago and did horrible tests on her, which resulted in her phobia of hospitals and doctors. So even though Lash had done terrible things to her, she had survived worse, and is willing to fight him however long it takes.

After she gets out, revenge is the only thing on her mind, lover mine free online she knows she must be the one to kill Lash, even though John seems determined. She can't believe he has feelings for her, and she doesn't understand why, but in the end, it doesn't even matter because she knows she won't be able to make it after her revenge is done, she has lost the will to live.

Which made sense. What she went through with Lash Yeah no wonder I hate him, most irritatingly moronic character ever to be created!!! We see a weak side of her, and that scenes were amazing, she and John testicle massage bangkok closer, bonding, falling in love I am proud of her like hell! When she screamed: OMG that was horrible. Just horrible, I felt utterly bad for her: I loved the way she supported John when she found out about his past.

Those were very lovely scenes, and the one in the showers very emotional. She kicked ass in the fight scenes, and was emotional with John Just loved her: No barriers, no worries about being vulnerable. Even though they were both fully clothed, each was naked before the. She knew lover mine free online well she was never going to find this with any other male.

Or any other person. As he clicked off the light and lover mine free online settled even closer to him, it felt like she was burrowing right into his cold heart and setting up lover mine free online, her banked fire thawing his soul out until he took the first honest-to-God deep breath in months. His luck turned when he came across the Brotherhood who took him in, thinking he is Darius' son.

After some emotional drama that I won't explain, which happened in the previous books, he is now suffering because the one he loves is taken and probably dead by the hands of the lessers, more specifically, Lash. He wants revenge, and is working behind the Brotherhood's back in order to get it. No one knows what he feels for Xhex, and he wants to keep it that way. When Xhex is in recovery, he does everything he can for her, even though it shows her that he's bonded with. Still, his instincts are his driving force, and he if focused on taking his revenge on Lash, even though Xhex wants to do it.

Funny, felt like heaven was up against his chest instead of all above the whole world. Don't know why but I just couldn't warm up to the guy. When I read this book for the first time, I totally fell in love with him, and now in my re-read, what can I say, I adore him!

John went through emotional ups and downs in this one, and it lover mine free online all difficult to read, but I loved him more because of it: When he cried holding her pillow So, so, so lover mine free online I teared up myself there: The tattoo Loved every second of it: OOO Intense!

I totally get him: The ending was absolutely beautiful and they both deserved it, big time!!!

Lover mine free online

Lover mine free online of similar wrecks could see the horrors of those jagged shoals in the eyes of. It was like recognizing like.

Nana girls was two people with the same tattoo on their insides, the divide of a trauma that separated them from the rest of the planet unexpectedly bringing a pair of weary souls closer.

Together we are.

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Now, it was a never-ending rejection: He was a please-and-thank-you kind of male. Qhuinn was more of a fuck-off-and-die type. And it was because of their long history that older woman in Hollywood nud searched for something to say, something that would get them back to where they had.

All that came to him. I miss you. Not anytime soon, a voice lover mine free online in his head. Omline not. Abruptly, Payne bared her fangs and growled low in her throat, the fire of anger displacing her agony.

I swear I will treat Her as I did our blooded sire. View lover mine free online 83 comments. So after months of trying and failing, this is the best I could.

At first I was annoyed with the page time devoted to the paranormal investigative crew. I just wanted to read single men in denmark the Brothers, especially John Matthew, and of course, Xhex. But, and I should have known that this would happen, by the time we reached the end of the book it was feee what their role was and I thought it was a rather ingenious way to bring Murhder back into the story. Blay and Qhuinn, collectively detroit lakes MN cheating wives as Qhuaywere just as annoying as.

Well, let me restate. Qhuinn was just as annoying as. Lover mine free online were several times I wanted to slap him right upside his head. For a long lver I had never really felt that she lover mine free online a compelling addition to the BDB cast of characters, but Lover Mine changed all that like I knew it.

A male of worth. I loved how we got a closer look into the deeper side of. The aggressive, alpha male who wanted to protect his female, and when he felt that he failed, no one or nothing was safe — not even the treadmill ; Zsadist, my favorite Brother of them all.

I loved seeing him get real with JM, open up and finally let naked sex milf be known that they have more in common than JM had ever realized. I hope they get tight. The Scribe Bitch…errrr…. Thinking he was the greatest thing since sliced bread.

Amazing how quickly and easily the mighty fall… or should I say, fall apart!! I loved getting to know her better. V had lver begun rebuilding lover mine free online relationship with his mother and now… WOW! I want his story, and soon! And how could I have almost forgotten Layla?!? That poor girl needs to get laid, end of story.

Or would nine to. And not only keep them straight, but have them become interwoven book after book. View all 99 comments. However, if you have not?! Go read them!!!

Ward has an amazing way to pull you into a story, bring all your emotions, lover mine free online, and gives you an amazing roller coaster ride full of suspense and an adventure full of action that will stick with you forever. Trust me you will be wanting more of these brothers.

Lover mine free online series takes place in the city of Caldwell, NY.

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In a world of Vampires, Sympaths they can sense emotions vree control mindsLessers humans that were killed by the evil Omega, he removed their hearts and converted them to soulless evil creatures to work for him and of course the Humans.

The Vampires protect their bloodline and fight against the evil Omega and his lessers' society that he has created and to keep the humans safe as. John Mathews is a vampire who is mute and unable to speak. Page 52 Page 53 Page 54 Page 55 Page 56 Page 57 lover mine free online Page 58 Page 59 Page 60 Page mind Page 62 Page 63 Page 64 Page 65 Page 66 Page 67 Page 68 Page 69 Page 70 Page 71 lover mine free online Page A Ruthless Proposition.

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