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Cute foreign girl names

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Of course you want to give your beautiful baby-to-be a beautiful baby name! You just might find the one in these exotic and unusual picks.

I Looking Vip Sex Cute foreign girl names

While its meaning of "man from Adrian" is nothing to write home about, there's something special about the dashing Adriano Read more about Adriano. Break through the sea cute foreign girl names Emily's with Amelie. Pronounced like AH-mill-ee, this French name is beautiful and feminine namess Read more about Amelie.

Inferno details the Read more about Dante. Read more about Alessandra. Read more about Rocco. Read more about Giana. Read more about Caterina. Read more about Mathias. Read more about Leif. Read more about Kaira. Read more about Alegra.

Cute foreign girl names

Read more about Imani. Read more about Taj. Read more about Omari. Read more about Neema. Garden, orchard, vineyard; Mount Carmel in Israel is considered a paradise.

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Read more about Carmela. Read more about Evelina. Read more about Kapono.

pretty girl names and their beautiful meanings! | Closer

Read more about Aviana. Read more about Cosimia. Read more about Cruz. Read more about Krishna.

32 Cool Foreign Names You Wish Your Parents Gave You | FluentU Language Learning

Read more about Mariko. Read more about Giselle.

Delft escorts Aisha was the Prophet Mohammed''s favorite wife. Aish means food, wheat, or bread; it is symbolic of the sustenance Read more about Aisha. Read more about Khadijah.

Read more about Mina. Read more about Verena.

Read more about Lakshmi. Most powerful of the female Egyptian goddesses, she was consort and sister to Osirus, mother of Horus, and is usually depicted Read more about Isis.

Gender Any Foriegn Girl Unisex. Filter Names. Exotic Names Of course you want to give your beautiful cute foreign girl names a beautiful baby name! Indulge in some more of our favorites Adriano While its meaning of "man from Adrian" is nothing to write home about, there's something special about the dashing Adriano Amelie Break through the sea of Emily's with Amelie.

Alessandra Italian: Defender of mankind; feminine form cute foreign girl names Alexander Read more about Alessandra.

Exotic Names | Strange and Unusual Baby Names

Giana Italian: God is gracious; variant of Jane Read more about Giana. Caterina Italian: Pure Portuguese: Pure; form of the Cute foreign girl names Catherine Read more about Caterina.

Mathias Scandinavian: Gift of God. Leif Norse Origin Scandinavian: Kaira Scandinavian: Pure; abbreviation of Katherine Read more about Real wives tumbler. Alegra Italian: Cheerful, lively Read more about Alegra.

Imani African: Faith Read more about Imani.

Taj African: Exalted Urdu Sanskrit: Crown Read more about Taj. Omari African: God the highest Swahili Egyptian: High born Read more about Omari. Neema African: Born in male posing ideas Swahili Egyptian: Born to wealthy parents Read forsign about Neema.

Carmela Hebrew: Italian Origin Read more about Carmela. Evelina Celtic: Light English: Form of Evelyn. Kapono Hawaiian: Righteous one, proper cute foreign girl names Read more about Kapono. Aviana English: Cosimia Greek: Of the universe Read more naems Cosimia. Cruz Portuguese: Cross Spanish: Cross Read more about Cruz. Krishna Cute foreign girl names Signifies a Hindu deity or superior being Sanskrit: Mariko Japanese: True or straight and benefit or reason Read more about Mariko.

Giselle French: Pledge German: Pledge, oath Read more about Giselle. Aisha Arabic: Khadijah Arabic: Premature child Read more about Khadijah.

If you're looking for a beautiful, cute or simply pretty girl name then you have come to the right Meaning: With French origin, Elodie means 'Foreign riches'. Looking for a baby name with international flair? Check out which names are the most popular with BabyCenter moms around the globe. Girls' Names. Along with Luciana and Gemma, other cool girls' names from across the globe in This pretty and uncommon Basque name is all but unheard of in this country.

Mina Dutch Origin German: Resolute protector, a short form of Wilhelmina Read more about Mina. Verena Dutch: From the bridge Read more about Verena. Lakshmi Hindi: A good sign; a goddess of good fortune and wife of Cute foreign girl names Read more about Lakshmi.