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Softride: Bike Racks That Make it Easy to Get Rolling

Is it a good day for a bike ride? It’s a serious question!  In NE Ohio, just about any day can be a good day for a bike ride – that’s how our wacky weather goes. And not just this year (thank you, El Nino?) but virtually every year.

If you like to bike and you care about your bike and your vehicle, you probably know a hitch-mount bike rack is a better option than a strapped-on/trunk mount rack.


We know the rub: hitch-mount racks are pricier than trunk-mounted bike racks. And not every car can handle a hitch-mount rack. (Most can, but please call us to make sure yours will. Unlike some other organizations, we won’t sell you a hitch if your car won’t handle the bike rack you need.)

The Advantages of Hitch-Mount Bike Racks

  • They take care of your bike (fewer bumps in transit means fewer adjustments to the brakes, gears, etc.)
  • They take care of your back (way easier to load!)
  • They impress your friends and neighbors (well – no guarantee, but it sure is fun to show off how you can access your rear door with the bikes mounted on your vehicle)

We proudly carry Softride bike racks. But if we don’t have a Softride model that is a good fit for you, we can find one that is.

Our goal is to keep you rolling safely. If that means telling you no, your car isn’t built to handle the vertical weight of a hitch-mount bike rack fully loaded with your family’s bikes, we’ll tell you so, and help you find an option that will work for you.


JTI, Cleveland trailer experts


We’re just off I-271 in Oakwood Village, and we love meeting our Cleveland neighbors.


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Speedbinders: Another NE Ohio Company We’re Glad We Know!

Speedbinders, founded and based in Canton, Ohio, is an innovative company with those hard-working tendencies the midwest is known for.

Vice President Steve Helline operates the business on the “under-promise  and over-deliver” philosophy. It seems to work, for Speedbinder customers and for ours.

How Speedbinders Make Your Work Easier

They say, “show don’t tell.” So, we’ll show you:

Smart Trailer Accessories

As much as we love to sell new trailers, we also love to help people keep their trailers working safely and efficiently for as long as possible. Speedbinders – just one of the smart accessories we sell that helps our customers do just that.  


JTI, Cleveland trailer expertsPeople who depend on their trailers depend on JTI.  Need trailer repair (new axle?), routine maintenance, parts, or something else? Call or stop in to see how you can work smarter, too. 440.232.4311

Econoline 18' tandem axle trailer

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Why We Love Econoline Trailers

Econoline trailers are design for rugged commercial use and come in a range of small 5 to 6 ton trailers all the way to the big 20+ ton market segment that require air brakes.  Whatever the heavy commercial need is,  Econoline offers a trailer that fills it.

And if you need a solid, dependable trailer, Econoline trailers are certainly worth your consideration.

Well-Constructed Trailers That Last 20-30 Years

Each Econoline trailer is welded by hand in a jig.  Econoline craftsman take pride in their work – each weld is a complete weld, to insure weld strength and longevity.

The steel used in Econoline trailers is an above average strength steel. Detractors are quick to mention that adds weight to the trailer. They’re right:  Generally speaking, an Econoline trailer weighs about 500 pounds more than a similarly-sized trailer of similar size. Here’s the payoff: Econolines last.

Econoline 18' tandem axle trailerEconoline heavy construction model typically provide 20-30 years of service, and remain in use long after other trailers have quit.

Heavy Equipment Trailers Don’t Use Lightweight Axles

Rockwell axles come standard on Econoline’s heavy equipment trailers. Rockwell makes well-built axles that are also affordable.

Quality On Deck

The decking of every Econoline is not “just” hard wood; it’s Oak. Oak has excellent strength and handles weather well. When treated with a weather proofing agent, Oak is just about the best wood for performance and service life.

While few trailer owners actually weather proof their decks (although it is recommended), Oak is a wood that can withstand not being properly maintain longer than most hard wood decks.

JTI’s last word 

Our production manager, Chris, is a big fan of Econoline, saying, “I am convinced that Econoline is a super company with a great product.”  Stop in or call to learn more about Econoline and to find out more about heavy duty trailers.


JTI, Cleveland trailer experts

Get the equipment you need! We’re here in Oakwood Village, just off I-271. Stop in, call 440.232.4311 or connect with us on Twitter or Facebook.

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Axle News, Trailer Sales Updates

Have you heard about Dexter Axle’s acquisition of AL-KO Kober? We post news from our suppliers and partners on our website. Sure, if you know JTI you know we make axles for many of our customers, especially those with very specific needs and applications. But, Dexter is a long-time partner and supplier – and it’s always smart to keep informed about the industry.

It’s also nice to get a bargain! In addition to news from the trailer industry, we also keep a current list of our specials and sales on the site.


JTI, Cleveland trailer experts

Since 1935, people who depend on their trailers have depended on JTI. Stop by or call us to find out why that is.