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Cleveland Snowfall 2016-2017

“Last year we were lulled by a strong El Nino,” News 5 Cleveland’s Mark Johnson reminds us. This year, it’s a different story.

Cleveland temperatures are expected to be much lower this winter, and snowfall is expected to be “near to slightly above normal.”

“Get the hat and gloves ready!” Johnson suggests.

Get your plows serviced, we suggest.

Make a service appointment now. 

Snowplow Maintenance in Cleveland

JTI sells the Meyer line of plows, salt spreaders, tailgates and walk behinds, in addition to Meyer genuine parts.

Meyer LotPro snowplow

LotPro LD for half-ton truck or SUV

We’re proud to be a Meyer partner and full-service dealer, and have been for years. But many of our customers have several plows, from different manufacturers. JTI services them all.

At JTI, we work with hundreds of grounds crews, landscapers and maintenance companies throughout Northeast Ohio. Their clients depend on them to clear their lots, keep their walkways safe – and many municipalities rely on us to keep their city snow plow fleets in good working order.

Snowplow Operators Need Tough Accessories, Too

accessories for snow plow operators

Quality accessories = greater safety for plow operators.

Gloves. Batteries. Lights. Fluid film. Your plow isn’t the only thing you depend on to get your snow removal jobs done.

People rely on you and your crew all winter. You can rely on JTI to keep their equipment in good shape and your drivers safe on the road.

If you need tough gloves, safety glasses to beat the glare, fluid film to keep your plow in shape, lights, or any other accessory to make snowplowing in Cleveland safer and easier – we’ve probably got it.

If you want to find genuine Meyer parts, a new snowplow, or people who have worked on virtually every make and model of plow that clears Cleveland’s streets, get in touch with our crew at JTI today. We’re here Monday-Saturday to serve Cleveland’s snow removal teams: 440.232.4311


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When Tribe Time is Snow Removal Time

So how often can you shop for a snow plow and see the Tribe play on the same day? YES! It is a magical October indeed. Screen Shot 2016-10-25 at 1.40.19 PM.png


We’ve been Tribe fans for 80 years or so, and along with all of Cleveland we’re focused on baseball, but we’ve still gotta work, right? And so do you. That’s why we’re booking pre-season snow plow service and maintenance for our customers now.

In addition to offering the best in new snow plows, salt spreaders and attachments, we also help our customers keep their equipment in shape. Because in Cleveland the weather (and therefore the demands on your business) is hard to predict.

Schedule preseason snowplow maintenance and service appointments now 

Call us and let us know when you can stop by to check out and service your snow removal equipment: 440.232.4311

Are you new to the snow removal business, or looking to add a few more plows (or drivers) this year? Here, a few tips we’ve shared in the past:

What you should know about snow removal in Cleveland

Snow plow & vehicle Q & A from Meyer

2016-2017 Winter in Cleveland: Snow or No Go?

We can’t predict Cleveland weather but we do know a number of Midwest states are predicting salt shortages, which makes clearing snow (and ice) more critical.

And, while ADA regulations require public/government organizations (but not private businesses) to clear sidewalks and other pedestrian right-of-ways, with more ‘walkable’ shopping centers and community/residential developments in use all over Northeast Ohio, many property managers see snow removal as a fundamental requirement, a customer service imperative.

Many of our landscaping clients make an extra round of phone calls now, as their grounds maintenance work is winding down, to solidify contracts for the upcoming snow removal season. Now that you’re thinking about how your’ll manage your snow removal business this winter in Cleveland, it’s also time to stop in and pick up those “little” things you need to get ready – gloves, lights, mirrors, Fluid Film… you name it, if it makes your Landscaping/Snow Removal work in Cleveland easier, we’ve probably got it.

JTI2015WordCloudIf you have any questions about getting started in plowing, how to handle walks and salt/snow melt distribution, or need to test and prep your snow removal equipment before the first flakes fall, get in touch. We’re here to help, 6 days a week. 440.232.4311 And…GO TRIBE!!!



Cleveland winter forecast 2015

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Ohio Snow Forecast 2015-2016

October’s peak fall colors are such a tease…because we know what’s coming, don’t we?

Actually, predicting Cleveland’s weather accurately, months in advance, is really outside of our area of expertise. That said, we’ve rounded up some info from sources who know more than we do about the weather.

Here’s our best prediction: If you’re a snow removal professional, you’re going to be busy again this winter.


Farmer’s Almanac Said What?

“According to the Farmers’ Almanac, the winter of 2015–2016 is looking like a repeat of last winter, at least in terms of temperatures with unseasonably cold conditions over the Atlantic Seaboard, eastern portions of the Great Lakes, and the lower peninsula of Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, most of the Tennessee and Mississippi Valley, as well as much of the Gulf Coast.”

Nope, we’re not kidding. Read all about it on the Farmer’s Almanac site.

And that’s not all.

“Precipitation-wise, if you like snow, then you should head out to the northern and central Great Plains (most of the North Central States), the Great Lakes, New England (sorry Boston!), and parts of the Ohio Valley where snowier-than-normal conditions are forecast.

Over the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic States, the winter will be stormy with a good amount of snow. We are “red-flagging” the second week of January and the second week of February for possible heavy winter weather with a long, drawn out spell of stormy weather extending through much of the first half of March.”

Did you ever wonder how Farmer’s Almanac makes its predictions? Us too.

Live Weather Blogs Scare Us

Predictions vary a little among different bloggers on Live Weather Blogs, but nobody’s saying “warm and sunny in Cleveland.”

To wit, of the Midwest Region (IL IN OH KY) we’ve read, “This area starts off slow but may have one heck of a snowy and icy round of weather the second half of the winter.”

Northeast Ohio, 5’s on Your Side

News Net 5’s Mark Johnson offers the best advice, in our opinion. No, not his thoughts on a frigid February (we don’t like that part). This was our favorite part: “Enjoy your fall while you can!”

Cleveland winter forecast 2015

JTI, Cleveland trailer expertsCleveland gets snow. We get snow plows. Snow removal experts rely on JTI. We’ve been in the trailers and hitch business for more than 80 years – and we’ve seen at least that many Cleveland winters. If people depend on you and your plow, depend on JTI.

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Snow Removal: Are You Ready for the 2015-2016 Season?

When you put your blades away in the spring, did you clean your plowJTI-Meyer-Fleet-friendly carriage and blades? Check for corrosion? How do your pumps, fittings, and springs look?

Before those first flakes fall – and those first customers call – you need to know that your plows are ready to work for you. If you don’t have time to prep your plows, you definitely won’t have time to make repairs once the snow plowing season is really underway. 

At JTI, a Snow Plow Tune-Up includes:

  • Degreasing all electrical parts & re-greasing them
  • Degreasing all wear parts, pins, and connections & re-greasing them
  • Draining of hydraulic fluid, cleaning all valves & refilling the hydraulic fluid
  • Bleeding air out of the system
  • Cleaning the screens
  • Tightening the  springs
  • Adjusting headlights

In short, we’ll help you buy getting your plow ready to make money for you this season. Call for an appointment or bring your plow in. The shop is getting busy, so don’t wait!

Call 440.232.4311 or request an appointment online.

2015 Meyer snow plow

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Snow Removal: We Have The Technology!

If you want a smarter snowplow, it’s here. More specifically, it’s here, at JTI thanks to Cleveland’s own Meyer Products.

New Technology in Snow Removal? Yep! 2015 Meyer snow plow

If the ground everywhere was smooth and level, snowplowing would be a lot easier, right? Until that happens – and if you know anything about potholes and Cleveland winters…you’re not holding your breath – you need a snowplow that can adjust!

The Snowplow That Can Adjust Is Here

Meyer really delivered this year: With Ground Tracking Technology, the blade automatically pivots up to 12-degrees and stays engaged with uneven surfaces, so you can clean in just one pass. It also allows the plow to remain level during transport and keeps the mount straight when mounting/dismounting on uneven surfaces. Ground Tracking Technology is standard on Road Pro 32-Series and optional on Lot Pro and Diamond Edge plows.

Do you want a plow or a smart plow?

See plows and get our pre-season pricing through September 30 here at JTI, just off I-271 at the Broadway/Forbes exit. Learn more about the technology behind these smart snow plows at Meyer’s website.

Want to Start or Grow Your Snow Plow Business?

We love sharing advice from Meyer. And we know snow plowing…if you have questions, ask us: 440.232.4311

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Show the Snow Who’s BOSS and SAVE BIG! Clearance Sale

Looking for the best prices on Boss Snowplow parts? Need to replace a blade?

Boss Snowplow Blades and Parts Inventory Clearance!

We are liquidating our inventory of Boss plow blades (only a few left) and also have a variety of parts on hand. THIS IS AN INVENTORY CLEARANCE: trust us, you will not see lower prices (we checked).

BossBladeSTB15020Want an example? Here ya’ go:

STB 15020 – Boss 7’6″ Standard Duty Straight Blade $578. 19

STB 03165 Plow box $2161.00

————————————The pair $2739.19

Call quick if you’re interested! 440.232.4311

Best Boss Deal in Cleveland!

Also, many parts. Need something for your boss plow? We just might have it. Winter’s only half over, folks. And in Northeast Ohio – that *probably* means we’ll be getting some more snow.


JTI, Cleveland trailer expertsPeople who rely on their trailers (and hitches, and plows) rely on JTI. Please stop in to our Oakwood Village showroom, just off I-271 between Bedford and Northfield Village, or call 440.232.4311. We’d love to help you.

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New to Snowplowing? Things to Consider

Meyer Snow Plow

We choose Meyer as our local snow plow supplier.

Maybe you just bought a truck and think, hey, now’s a good time to get a great price on a snowplow. Maybe you’re thinking of an extra income. Whatever your circumstances, if you’re new to snowplowing in Cleveland or getting back in the snow removal business, here are some things we’d like to share.

1. Do NOT assume a new truck – even a half-ton pickup – can handle a plow.

We’ve had some unpleasantly surprised customers in our showroom pretty ticked off when they found out their new vehicle didn’t have the FGAWR to handle a blade. FGAWR, or Front Gross Axle Weight Rating, is a number you can’t ignore. If exceed your vehicle’s capacity, you risk serious and expensive damage to your truck.

FGAWR can be found on the inside panel of the driver’s side door (on any vehicle, by the way). Make sure the plow you’re considering is within the vehicle’s specifications. Cleveland plow manufacturer Meyer Products’ website features an EZ Match System online that pretty much does what you’d think: it helps you determine which plow and accessories your truck can handle. Of course, you can also call a local snowplow dealer (like us!) with questions. You can reach JTI at 440.232.4311.

2. Determine what you need. Like everything else, options abound.

Straight blades are more economical than V plows, but depending on the job, one style blade can be better than the other. Try to have a general idea of the work you’ll be doing before you buy. (Just driveways? Also parking lots? Will you need to pile, or just push the snow?)

Also before you buy, ask your local dealer if you can get your hands on the plow. Once you’re out there plowing, you’ll have to make adjustments on the fly – in the dark – with the snow and ice flying. Better to get a little education in a nice, dry, well-lit showroom before your first day of OTJ training!

Once you’re plowing, you may realize a few accessories could make your life easier. Lights, extra straps, grease… if you’re looking for a plow accessory, call us – we probably have it.

3. Who’s supporting you? You need to consider what kind of support you’ll have from your dealer as well as from the plow manufacturer.

We’ve found Meyer Products to be a very ethical company, staffed by truly helpful people who know their products and they stand behind them. Meyer’s warranty is simply the best in the industry.

Obviously, that’s important from an aggravation standpoint. (It’s much nicer to work with a company that says, “let’s make this right” rather than “you bought it, it’s your problem.”) It’s also important because a snowplow is a pretty big investment, both time and dollar-wise. And like any hardworking equipment, your plow is going to need replacement parts from time to time. Knowing that your manufacturer stands behind its warranty (and has replacement parts readily available) is key, as is knowing that your dealer has a good relationship with the manufacturer.

At JTI, we spend time with our staff and Meyer Product reps to ensure we’re as ready as we can be for whatever the winter brings. Got questions? Need to find replacement parts? Would a salt spreader help you get more snow removal business? We’re here to help, 6 days a week.  ________________________________________________________________________

JTI, Cleveland trailer expertsThe winter of 2014-2015 has made us appreciate snow removal professionals more than ever. Thanks for all you do! If you have questions about your blade, undercarriage, or need accessories for your plow, please call us at 440.232.4311 or stop in to our Oakwood Village showroom, where we’re open Monday – Friday 8am-5pm & Saturday 8am-2pm. Meanwhile, our Twitter @JTI_Inc and Facebook pages are open 24 hours 😉 ________________________________________________________________________