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Jumping Jack Tent Trailers ON SALE!

We’ve said it before & we’ll say it again. You can have a lot of #FunWithAHitch. But the Jumping Jack Tent Trailer is super-special. It’s a tent trailer built to last that can carry along all of your camping gear, a kayak or two, or a 4-wheeler or two, and then when you arrive, it turns into a comfy tent for four in about 5 minutes.

Got that? We’ll wait while you read it again. OR JUST STOP IN! It’s as good as it sounds, and right now we have two – JUST 2! – on our lot. They’re clearance priced because our regular trailer inventory is about to grow astronomically. So… if you want a great tent trailer at the best price you’ll see anywhere, COME SEE US NOW. These sweet Jumping Jack  tent trailers won’t last.


See specs on our website – 6×8′ utility trailer turns into a sturdy, comfortable 5×8 tent – in just about 5 minutes. Stop in, let us show you how.

See our Facebook page for more ways you can have #FunWithAHitch.

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Softride: Bike Racks That Make it Easy to Get Rolling

Is it a good day for a bike ride? It’s a serious question!  In NE Ohio, just about any day can be a good day for a bike ride – that’s how our wacky weather goes. And not just this year (thank you, El Nino?) but virtually every year.

If you like to bike and you care about your bike and your vehicle, you probably know a hitch-mount bike rack is a better option than a strapped-on/trunk mount rack.


We know the rub: hitch-mount racks are pricier than trunk-mounted bike racks. And not every car can handle a hitch-mount rack. (Most can, but please call us to make sure yours will. Unlike some other organizations, we won’t sell you a hitch if your car won’t handle the bike rack you need.)

The Advantages of Hitch-Mount Bike Racks

  • They take care of your bike (fewer bumps in transit means fewer adjustments to the brakes, gears, etc.)
  • They take care of your back (way easier to load!)
  • They impress your friends and neighbors (well – no guarantee, but it sure is fun to show off how you can access your rear door with the bikes mounted on your vehicle)

We proudly carry Softride bike racks. But if we don’t have a Softride model that is a good fit for you, we can find one that is.

Our goal is to keep you rolling safely. If that means telling you no, your car isn’t built to handle the vertical weight of a hitch-mount bike rack fully loaded with your family’s bikes, we’ll tell you so, and help you find an option that will work for you.


JTI, Cleveland trailer experts


We’re just off I-271 in Oakwood Village, and we love meeting our Cleveland neighbors.


Manicure trailer

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5 Things To Do With a Trailer (That Might Surprise You)

  1. Take Your Business on the Road! What kind of business? You might be surprised. Mobile pet grooming is popular, but it’s possible to  pretty up people from a trailer, too. A European businesswoman came up with the idea for La Lacquerie, a mobile mani/pedi business, when she was grabbing lunch at a food truck.

    Manicure trailer

    Mobile mani/pedi? Sure!

  2. Show off in a Parade! Thanks to Wild Republic, we  got to enjoy the ride (vicariously, at least).  JTI-WildRep-Parade
  3. Snag some family time. Is owning a trailer the key to having a happy family? We don’t have conclusive proof, but there’s definitely some convincing evidence. In Northeast Ohio, camping is just one way our customers have “fun with a hitch.”JJtrailers-insideTent
  4. Work from anywhere. You can park a trailer on a job site and call it your office, or you can create an office you can haul to any job site. Bright lights, 110-v electrical service, a back-up generator, dry erase boards and a durable, good-looking, no-skid floor? Call us about customizing your cargo trailer/new office: 440.232.4311 custom cargo trailer interior
  5. Downsize. Surely you’ve heard of the tiny houses trend? It’s really on a roll. tiny house on flatbed trailer

What do you use your trailer for? We’d love to hear from you! Want to be featured on our blog? Please contact us.

JTI, Cleveland trailer experts

Since 1935, we’ve helped our customers use their trailers for work & play, in some surprising and creative ways.  www.JTIinc.com   440.232.4311

rental trailer pulls float in Twinsburg

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Thanks to Wild Republic for Taking Us to the Twins Days Parade!

We had some (vicarious) fun when Wild Republic called us to rent one of our trailers and roll along in the Twins Days Parade!

Wild Republic gave us the specs on the float they were building, described what they needed, and told us about their tow vehicle. We made the reservation and … well, the rest is history. In fact, the 2015 parade theme was “Time Machine: Twins Days: Times 2 Remember!”

Rolling Along with Friends

Wild Republic‘s float looked great, and the company took a bunch of friends along on the parade route. The Twinsburg company had the perfect products to display, too – Switch-A-Roos.  The unique plush toys aren’t exactly twins; they’re more like two best friends, paired together forever. Or more accurately, sewn together. If you haven’t seen a Switch-A-Roo, you might not understand how a puppy can turn into a pony…trust us; they’re cute!  (Click on the 360 View to see what we mean.)

Also fitting for the Twins Day celebration: Wild Republic’s booth was themed “Switch-A-Roos: All Your Friends Come in Twos.”

Speaking of Switch-A-Roos… Plush Toys in Twinsburg Parade

Hitches and trailers are two other things that go great together (although aren’t not quite as cute as puppies and ponies). As Wild Republic prepared for the parade and festival, they anticipated some changes with the towing vehicle they planned to use, and they called us to make sure the vehicle would align with the trailer they needed for the float.

A little switch-a-roo? No problem. Making wildly cute toys is what Wild Republic does; making trailers and hitches work together is what we do.

Without a Hitch?

Now, we can’t say the parade went off without a hitch, because of course, if you’re pulling a parade float you definitely need a hitch! (Ha, ha…trailer humor, no extra charge.)

JTI, Cleveland trailer experts


Got a trailer or hitch question? We’ve been answering trailer and hitch questions since 1935. Please, keep asking!! We’re here to answer.

Stop in or call us, 6 days a week, at 440.232.4311. We’re located in Oakwood Village, just off I-271 at the Forbes/Broadway exit #23. Open Mon-Fri 8am-5pm, and Sat 8am-2pm to serve you.

car hauler axle repair

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Willys Overland, Made in Toledo, Rolls in for Trailer Repair

willys-made-in-toledo-antique-car Blog

1931 Willys6, Made in Toledo

Our customers, in addition to being hardworking, have some very cool hobbies. Recently one of our cool customers rolled in with his hobby – a vintage Willys Jeepster. The axle on his carhauler had taken a hit; we helped him keep rolling to the car show that was expecting him.

The trailer repair was pretty routine; the cargo, we’ll admit, was the big attraction. What do you know about these Ohio gems?

Meet Willys, Made in Toledo

In 1908 John North Willys bought the Overland Automotive Division of Standard Wheel Company; in 1936, coming out of the Great Depression, it was reorganized as Willys-Overland Motors, Inc. Building Jeeps for the military during World War II led to building Jeeps for the civilian market, and eventually, a line of sedans and roadsters. There’s a lot more to the story, but here’s the bottom line: The company, started in Toledo, Ohio, is still there.

Let’s hear it for Ohio innovators! (And our cool customers.) Find out more about Willys’ models here.


JTI, Cleveland trailer experts


JTI was established in Cleveland in 1935.  We’re just off I-271 in Oakwood Village, at the Broadway/Forbes exit. Whether you’re into classics or the latest innovation, stop in! We’re here to keep you rolling.


Atlas Trailer

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USA! USA! Trailers Made in the USA! USA!

After a sunny Fourth of July celebration in Cleveland and spectacular USMNT World Cup win, our patriotism is showing.

But the weekend is over and it’s back to work. And today, it seems extra-appropriate to point out that trailers from Atlas, Carry-On, Parker Performance Trailers, Haulin, Karavan, and virtually all of the manufacturers we represent are indeed MADE IN THE USA.

Come see our fine selection here at JTI!

Atlas Trailer (Atlas Cargo Trailer. Customize as you wish.)


JTI, Cleveland trailer experts


Whether you’re a soccer fan or just biding time until the Browns’ next game, you have to admit that USWNT win was sweet.

And when you come visit us, you’ll probably agree we have a sweet selection of trailers made in the USA. Check out our inventory online or just stop by. We look forward to seeing you!

Lake Erie Tent Campsite

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Tent Trailers & Ohio Camping Fun 2015

When we say that many of our customers are Happy Campers, we hope that’s true in more ways than one! Do you camp? Read on to find out about some of NE Ohio’s newest campsites.

Ohio has an abundance of public and private campgrounds, and enough JJtrailers-insideTentvariety to give virtually every type of outdoors enthusiast something fun to do. We know because we enjoy having fun with a hitch too!

Watch the Jumping Jack video to see how to go from trailer to tent in 4 minutes! That’s #FunWithAHitch! 

Best New Campsite in NE Ohio?

In case you’re new to camping in Ohio, we recommend that the Ohio State Parks’ website be one of your first internet stops. There you’ll find dozens of unique and beautiful campgrounds around the state. The Ohio Campground Owners Association has a similar list of privately-owned campgrounds.

Lake Erie Tent Campsite

Best kept secret on Lake Erie?

Now, if you’re an experienced camper and have started think you know all the best spots to camp in and around Cleveland, think again… Last year, Lake Metroparks opened a few new campsites and each one has its own particular draw. A couple have special appeal for fishing enthusiasts, but our favorite has to be the one at Lake Erie Bluffs, pictured above. Not only is the view amazing, the rates scream, “affordable family fun!” You can reserve the campsite perched overlooking our Great Lake for two Alexander Hamiltons. (And it’s even less for Lake County residents.)

Tent Trailers

If you (like some of us) think you’re a little too *ahem* experienced to enjoy tent camping,

Jumping Jack Trailers = FunWithAHitch in Northeast Ohio

Jumping Jack Trailers = FunWithAHitch in Northeast Ohio

you need to come see what we’ve got in store! Over the past couple of years, we’ve found a lot of people are interested in Jumping Jack Tent Trailers. These light-but-super-sturdy pop-up tent trailers are popular with families and outdoors enthusiasts for good reason. They’re built to last, with welded rather than screwed construction.  They’re also incredibly versatile.

Jumping Jack introduced a couple of larger models this spring, but we’re finding most families and couples who want to get back into camping (and maybe aren’t quite as young as they used to be…) find the 4x and 6x models are perfect, since they are easier to maneuver and require less storage space, yet fold out to be quite roomy. Inside Tent Trailer

If you haven’t seen these extremely well-made tent trailers for yourself, please stop in and ask to see one here in our showroom! We think you’ll agree – Jumping Jack Trailers know how to help you have #FunWithAHitch.

Camper or Trailer Maintenance?

If you’re planning to return to camping for the first time this season, you probably know your trailer could use a little TLC. We service bearings, brakes, fix trailer lights, even replace axles. Make an appointment for service to make sure your camping trip goes off without a hitch. (LOL. Pun intended! that’s trailer humor for you.)

Camping & Camper/Trailer Accessories  FatStrapBungee

Fat Straps, rooftop cargo carriers, hitch-mount bike racks, work gloves and safety glasses (that look mighty cool) – these are just some of the things that can make your camping trip more comfortable, more enjoyable, more memorable – for all the right reasons.

Edge Eyewear: safe, affordable, and awesome-looking!

Edge Eyewear: safe, affordable, and awesome-looking!

Stop in and see if we can make your 2015 camping season a little bit better. Oh – and good news, our advice is always free.

That’s #HowWeRoll. Happy Camping.


JTI, Cleveland trailer experts


Love camping? Not your thing, but motocross is? Or maybe kayaking in Cleveland is your thing? We’ve got a trailer (and a hitch) for that. Stop in or call us, 6 days a week, at 440.232.4311. We’re open in Oakwood Village Mon-Fri 8am-5pm, and Sat 8am-2pm.

More trailer tips, Cleveland news, and some bad puns on Twitter and Facebook, 24/7.