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Manicure trailer

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5 Things To Do With a Trailer (That Might Surprise You)

  1. Take Your Business on the Road! What kind of business? You might be surprised. Mobile pet grooming is popular, but it’s possible to  pretty up people from a trailer, too. A European businesswoman came up with the idea for La Lacquerie, a mobile mani/pedi business, when she was grabbing lunch at a food truck.

    Manicure trailer

    Mobile mani/pedi? Sure!

  2. Show off in a Parade! Thanks to Wild Republic, we  got to enjoy the ride (vicariously, at least).  JTI-WildRep-Parade
  3. Snag some family time. Is owning a trailer the key to having a happy family? We don’t have conclusive proof, but there’s definitely some convincing evidence. In Northeast Ohio, camping is just one way our customers have “fun with a hitch.”JJtrailers-insideTent
  4. Work from anywhere. You can park a trailer on a job site and call it your office, or you can create an office you can haul to any job site. Bright lights, 110-v electrical service, a back-up generator, dry erase boards and a durable, good-looking, no-skid floor? Call us about customizing your cargo trailer/new office: 440.232.4311 custom cargo trailer interior
  5. Downsize. Surely you’ve heard of the tiny houses trend? It’s really on a roll. tiny house on flatbed trailer

What do you use your trailer for? We’d love to hear from you! Want to be featured on our blog? Please contact us.

JTI, Cleveland trailer experts

Since 1935, we’ve helped our customers use their trailers for work & play, in some surprising and creative ways.  www.JTIinc.com   440.232.4311

Cleveland RTA custom trailer

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RTA Kidwatch Trailer a Bright, Fun Spot in Cleveland

The Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority (RTA) works tocustom trailer  keep kids safe. Among other programs, Transit Police have a free fingerprinting and ID program for children called Operation KidWatch. Inside the Operation KidWatch mobile unit, Transit Police officers provide child IDs to parents – IDs that are vital to police efforts when a child goes missing.

Smart Trailer for a Smart ProgramGenerator on Cargo Trailer

JTI is proud to have worked with RTA’s Operation KidWatch to outfit a trailer that is not only useful, but especially friendly to young Cleveland-area residents.

  • Because the interior walls needed to be safe and durable, we coated them with a write-on/wipe off dry-erase marker board surface – now they serve as giant art surfaces for the kids.
  • The trailer’s aluminum walls were coated with Coverzall spray-in bed-liner to improve strength, and make the floor safer and easier to clean.
  • We also installed a generator box and wired the trailer with a 110v package so the trailer can be used as a mobile classroom/office.

Cleveland RTA custom trailerMobile Classroom or Mobile Office? We Can Do That!
custom trailer interior

If you need an office that rolls or a trailer to serve a particular need, contact JTI. We’ve helped countless Greater Cleveland area companies and organizations design trailers for very specific jobs and applications. After 80 years in the trailer business, we know how to put great ideas in motion.

RTA provides Greater Cleveland with economic and safe public transportation via rail, bus and Paratransit throughout Cuyahoga County. For detailed and real-time information, custom cargo trailervisit www.riderta.com or call 216.621.9500.


JTI, Cleveland trailer experts


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rental trailer pulls float in Twinsburg

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Thanks to Wild Republic for Taking Us to the Twins Days Parade!

We had some (vicarious) fun when Wild Republic called us to rent one of our trailers and roll along in the Twins Days Parade!

Wild Republic gave us the specs on the float they were building, described what they needed, and told us about their tow vehicle. We made the reservation and … well, the rest is history. In fact, the 2015 parade theme was “Time Machine: Twins Days: Times 2 Remember!”

Rolling Along with Friends

Wild Republic‘s float looked great, and the company took a bunch of friends along on the parade route. The Twinsburg company had the perfect products to display, too – Switch-A-Roos.  The unique plush toys aren’t exactly twins; they’re more like two best friends, paired together forever. Or more accurately, sewn together. If you haven’t seen a Switch-A-Roo, you might not understand how a puppy can turn into a pony…trust us; they’re cute!  (Click on the 360 View to see what we mean.)

Also fitting for the Twins Day celebration: Wild Republic’s booth was themed “Switch-A-Roos: All Your Friends Come in Twos.”

Speaking of Switch-A-Roos… Plush Toys in Twinsburg Parade

Hitches and trailers are two other things that go great together (although aren’t not quite as cute as puppies and ponies). As Wild Republic prepared for the parade and festival, they anticipated some changes with the towing vehicle they planned to use, and they called us to make sure the vehicle would align with the trailer they needed for the float.

A little switch-a-roo? No problem. Making wildly cute toys is what Wild Republic does; making trailers and hitches work together is what we do.

Without a Hitch?

Now, we can’t say the parade went off without a hitch, because of course, if you’re pulling a parade float you definitely need a hitch! (Ha, ha…trailer humor, no extra charge.)

JTI, Cleveland trailer experts


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