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Trailer Maintenance Tip: Fastener Facts & Why We Love Shackle Bolts

They may be small, but you shouldn’t ignore them: the right fasteners are important to your trailer’s operation, longevity, and can affect the safety of your load.

Small But Mighty Important: Trailer Fasteners

We’ve written before about how small, inexpensive things (like bushings) can end up causing a lot of aggravation and costing a lot of money. Fasteners are the same. We have hundreds of different nuts and bolts – including U bolts – couplers and other fasteners in stock, and regularly place special orders for specific trailer parts, including fasteners, to keep our customers’ trailers on the road and operating safely.

We try to provide as much customer education as we can, but sometimes, when we suggest a particular bolt that’s $1 or $2 more than another, we see a raised eyebrow and that “oh sure it’s the more expensive one” look.

Trust us, we won’t be retiring anytime soon by selling that $3 bolt. When we recommend a fastener that’s an extra buck or two, it’s well worth it.

Here’s why: basic nuts and bolts don’t lock down tight and stay locked down when used in typical over-the-road conditions. (And especially not when you’re pushing your speed or weight recommendations.) 

We Recommend Shackle Bolts for Most Trailer Applications

Shackle bolts are knurled and self-locking. They stay locked in, even as your trailer bounces along the road.









Bolt Materials and Welding

We carry a variety of stainless and galvanized steel bolts and other materials. But in some cases, a weld is a better option than any fastener.

JTI’s experienced welders are here on premises 6 days a week. Between our hauling, mechanical, and welding experience, we can recommend the best options for your trailer.

Have questions for the trailer and hitch experts? Call or stop in. We love to talk about making hauling easier and safer for our customers and for everyone on the road.

JTI, Cleveland trailer expertsWe’re not the only people who are a little bit nuts about nuts and bolts. If you know anyone in classic car restoration, you know they’re serious about fasteners too. What’s that? You know all about the nuts and bolts of classic cars? Did you know we rent and sell car haulers? We do! 440.232.4311

fluid film corrosion protection

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Fluid Film Corrosion Protection

Yes, we sell Fluid Film. Yes, you can use used motor oil in some cases instead of Fluid Film, but seriously? Is that what you want to do? 

We stock the popular corrosion protection in spray cans and 1-gallon drums, and order 5-Gallon and 55-Gallon Drums for our customers who need a bigger supply. (As is often the case once the snow is flying and salt is spreading…)

Long Term Corrosive Protection

Because it’s lanolin-based, Fluid Film will not evaporate or dry from the surface. It leaves a wet, non-drying film that protects all metals and moving parts. Fluid Film does not contain solvents. long term corrosion protection on all metals and superior lubrication for all moving parts.

  • Protect your trailer, plow, fleet vehicles from corrosive salt and road grime
  • Coat pivot points, hinges, gears
  • Loosen stuck bolts
  • Spray moving parts in light bars
  • Keep grass, dirt, other debris from sticking to underside of your deck
  • Spray lock mechanisms to keep them from freezing

Good News About Fluid Film

Fluid Film will not harm most paints and can be sprayed directly on most painted surfaces without causing any problems. It’s also safe for coating plastic, so you can coat or spray your whole undercarriage without needing to avoid any part of the body. 

And tree huggers, relax, it’s environmentally sound, with low VOCs and has been solvent-free since 1943. 

Versatile Protection

It’s also good for waterproofing leather boots and keeping shop stuff from sticking to them. Or, as a real Fluid Film customer said, “We use Fluid Film in our small engine shop and during plow season. Spray it on EVERYTHING on a mower and a plow. We wipe down door and window seals with it = no more stuck doors and windows on your car or truck. Spray down dump-beds and spreader components for salting. Spray all your hand tools, guns, fishing equipment. Basically, when in doubt = use Fluid Film.”

There ya have it! We sell Fluid Film, and other “cheap insurance.” Stop in for some today. fluid film corrosion protection