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New Plow? Old Plow? We Know Cleveland Snow Plows

Cleveland snow, and Cleveland weather in general, for that matter, is as unique as the rest of our beloved town. Northeast Ohio’s special blend of snow, wind, lake effect, salt (OH, the SALT!) and dizzying changes in temperature and humidity is hard on machinery. To say nothing of the operator…

Snow Plow Maintenance jti-meyer-warranty-card

While we are a Meyer’s Diamond Distributor and proudly sell Cleveland’s own Meyer Products, we take care of plows, blades and attachments of all makes and models. Our experienced techs know when it snows, you have to uphold your end of those snowplowing contracts. When something isn’t right with your plow, we can help you get back to work, fast.

Snow Plow Accessories

When your lights aren’t working, you probably have to keep working — but you need to get your lights fixed, fast. We’ve worked through more than 80 Cleveland winters, and keeping our customers and their equipment in working order has always been our goal.

For the accessories you need, from gloves and lights to batteries and sunglasses – and a magical formula known as Fluid Film – people who depend on their plows depend on JTI.

JTI, Cleveland trailer experts We’re open 6 days a week, just off I-271 at the Forbes/Broadway exit. Our goal is to keep our customers rolling. Need a new snow plow blade, general maintenance, hard-working accessories or some knowledgable advice? Stop in or call 440.232.4311.



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Cleveland Snowfall 2016-2017

“Last year we were lulled by a strong El Nino,” News 5 Cleveland’s Mark Johnson reminds us. This year, it’s a different story.

Cleveland temperatures are expected to be much lower this winter, and snowfall is expected to be “near to slightly above normal.”

“Get the hat and gloves ready!” Johnson suggests.

Get your plows serviced, we suggest.

Make a service appointment now. 

Snowplow Maintenance in Cleveland

JTI sells the Meyer line of plows, salt spreaders, tailgates and walk behinds, in addition to Meyer genuine parts.

Meyer LotPro snowplow

LotPro LD for half-ton truck or SUV

We’re proud to be a Meyer partner and full-service dealer, and have been for years. But many of our customers have several plows, from different manufacturers. JTI services them all.

At JTI, we work with hundreds of grounds crews, landscapers and maintenance companies throughout Northeast Ohio. Their clients depend on them to clear their lots, keep their walkways safe – and many municipalities rely on us to keep their city snow plow fleets in good working order.

Snowplow Operators Need Tough Accessories, Too

accessories for snow plow operators

Quality accessories = greater safety for plow operators.

Gloves. Batteries. Lights. Fluid film. Your plow isn’t the only thing you depend on to get your snow removal jobs done.

People rely on you and your crew all winter. You can rely on JTI to keep their equipment in good shape and your drivers safe on the road.

If you need tough gloves, safety glasses to beat the glare, fluid film to keep your plow in shape, lights, or any other accessory to make snowplowing in Cleveland safer and easier – we’ve probably got it.

If you want to find genuine Meyer parts, a new snowplow, or people who have worked on virtually every make and model of plow that clears Cleveland’s streets, get in touch with our crew at JTI today. We’re here Monday-Saturday to serve Cleveland’s snow removal teams: 440.232.4311


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When Tribe Time is Snow Removal Time

So how often can you shop for a snow plow and see the Tribe play on the same day? YES! It is a magical October indeed. Screen Shot 2016-10-25 at 1.40.19 PM.png


We’ve been Tribe fans for 80 years or so, and along with all of Cleveland we’re focused on baseball, but we’ve still gotta work, right? And so do you. That’s why we’re booking pre-season snow plow service and maintenance for our customers now.

In addition to offering the best in new snow plows, salt spreaders and attachments, we also help our customers keep their equipment in shape. Because in Cleveland the weather (and therefore the demands on your business) is hard to predict.

Schedule preseason snowplow maintenance and service appointments now 

Call us and let us know when you can stop by to check out and service your snow removal equipment: 440.232.4311

Are you new to the snow removal business, or looking to add a few more plows (or drivers) this year? Here, a few tips we’ve shared in the past:

What you should know about snow removal in Cleveland

Snow plow & vehicle Q & A from Meyer

2016-2017 Winter in Cleveland: Snow or No Go?

We can’t predict Cleveland weather but we do know a number of Midwest states are predicting salt shortages, which makes clearing snow (and ice) more critical.

And, while ADA regulations require public/government organizations (but not private businesses) to clear sidewalks and other pedestrian right-of-ways, with more ‘walkable’ shopping centers and community/residential developments in use all over Northeast Ohio, many property managers see snow removal as a fundamental requirement, a customer service imperative.

Many of our landscaping clients make an extra round of phone calls now, as their grounds maintenance work is winding down, to solidify contracts for the upcoming snow removal season. Now that you’re thinking about how your’ll manage your snow removal business this winter in Cleveland, it’s also time to stop in and pick up those “little” things you need to get ready – gloves, lights, mirrors, Fluid Film… you name it, if it makes your Landscaping/Snow Removal work in Cleveland easier, we’ve probably got it.

JTI2015WordCloudIf you have any questions about getting started in plowing, how to handle walks and salt/snow melt distribution, or need to test and prep your snow removal equipment before the first flakes fall, get in touch. We’re here to help, 6 days a week. 440.232.4311 And…GO TRIBE!!!



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Softride: Bike Racks That Make it Easy to Get Rolling

Is it a good day for a bike ride? It’s a serious question!  In NE Ohio, just about any day can be a good day for a bike ride – that’s how our wacky weather goes. And not just this year (thank you, El Nino?) but virtually every year.

If you like to bike and you care about your bike and your vehicle, you probably know a hitch-mount bike rack is a better option than a strapped-on/trunk mount rack.


We know the rub: hitch-mount racks are pricier than trunk-mounted bike racks. And not every car can handle a hitch-mount rack. (Most can, but please call us to make sure yours will. Unlike some other organizations, we won’t sell you a hitch if your car won’t handle the bike rack you need.)

The Advantages of Hitch-Mount Bike Racks

  • They take care of your bike (fewer bumps in transit means fewer adjustments to the brakes, gears, etc.)
  • They take care of your back (way easier to load!)
  • They impress your friends and neighbors (well – no guarantee, but it sure is fun to show off how you can access your rear door with the bikes mounted on your vehicle)

We proudly carry Softride bike racks. But if we don’t have a Softride model that is a good fit for you, we can find one that is.

Our goal is to keep you rolling safely. If that means telling you no, your car isn’t built to handle the vertical weight of a hitch-mount bike rack fully loaded with your family’s bikes, we’ll tell you so, and help you find an option that will work for you.


JTI, Cleveland trailer experts


We’re just off I-271 in Oakwood Village, and we love meeting our Cleveland neighbors.


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Weight Distribution Hitch set-up

We’ve talked about weight distribution when you’re loading a trailer. And it’s important, no matter what kind of suspension or weight distribution system you’ve got.

What’s that? You didn’t know you could install a weight distribution hitch? Our good friends at Curt spell it out for you in this instructional video.

Not sure you want to do it yourself? It won’t take us long – not much longer than it took you to read this and watch the video.

Make an appointment and make your hauling a little safer and easier.

JTI, Cleveland trailer experts People who depend on their trailers depend on JTI.

440.232.4311   www.JTIinc.com

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Speedbinders: Another NE Ohio Company We’re Glad We Know!

Speedbinders, founded and based in Canton, Ohio, is an innovative company with those hard-working tendencies the midwest is known for.

Vice President Steve Helline operates the business on the “under-promise  and over-deliver” philosophy. It seems to work, for Speedbinder customers and for ours.

How Speedbinders Make Your Work Easier

They say, “show don’t tell.” So, we’ll show you:

Smart Trailer Accessories

As much as we love to sell new trailers, we also love to help people keep their trailers working safely and efficiently for as long as possible. Speedbinders – just one of the smart accessories we sell that helps our customers do just that.  


JTI, Cleveland trailer expertsPeople who depend on their trailers depend on JTI.  Need trailer repair (new axle?), routine maintenance, parts, or something else? Call or stop in to see how you can work smarter, too. 440.232.4311

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Simple Anti-Theft Device Stops Thieves From Stealing Your Vehicle

The Frontier Protector Anti-Theft device by Smart Tech is a safe, smart, sassy, easy-to-use tool to prevent theft of your trailer or other vehicle. Why do we say it’s sassy? When a thief starts to roll away with your trailer (or other vehicle), the Frontier Protector quickly (but safely) deflates the tires. HA! Take THAT, bozo.

Easy-to-Use Anti-Theft Device

Anti-theft device for trailers, cars

$25.95, while supplies last

Here’s how it works: the Frontier Protector prevents theft by deflating the tires as soon as they start to roll away with your vehicle.

And, it’s easy to install. You simply put the secure nut on the air valve, attach the adaptor, tighten it with the hexagon key, put the tire deflator over the adaptor, and lock it. You’re done! and your trailer (or any vehicle) is secure.

When someone tries to drive away, they’ll experienced a controlled flat, usually within 500 meters, depending on the vehicle’s speed and weight.

Prevent Trailer Theft

Trailer theft isn’t an idle threat; it really happens. Some experts say a sure way to prevent theft is to give your trailer a unique paint job. And, of course, there are dozens of security devices to help you prevent trailer theft. Many of them work well (and we sell quite a few!) – but of course, none of them work if you don’t use them. That’s one reason the Frontier Protector is so sweet – it’s really easy to use.

Great Gift for Cleveland Dads! And Moms!

While we hate to brag (oh, who are we kidding? this is our blog!), we must mention that our production manager developed this product. Stop in to our showroom to see the Frontier Protector! We have a limited supply for just $25.95.

In case you didn’t already make the connection, that’s a useful gift available from a local business, and it’s darned practical, too.

You’re welcome! See you soon!


JTI, Cleveland trailer experts

People who depend on their trailers have depended on JTI since 1935. Open Mon-Fri 8am-5pm and Saturdays 8am-2pm. Call us at 440.232.4311 or check in with us anytime on Twitter and Facebook.