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Breast orgasm stories I Seeking Sex Dating

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Breast orgasm stories

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Miriam Experiences a Tit Rub Orgasm (Part 16)

Latest Forum Posts:. Join Lush. Hide Ad. Support Lush Stories. Nipples By DarkSide. I love. Nipples that is, and because of my fetish I therefore tend to like women more than men.

Gay block island just love playing with nipples and what they are attached to. For me, they epitomize eroticism. They seek attention bgeast they are bound within breast orgasm stories clothes but they almost demand attention when breast orgasm stories are exposed.

My nipples love being touched, caressed, squeezed, pulled, licked and sucked. I love all of those things. There are so many variables breast orgasm stories affect them, such as coldness, heat, touch, sound.

Yes, the sound of people pleasuring themselves, make mine erect. It saddens me that my breasts are not large enough for me to suck on my own nipples.

I would envy those that. There is a hidden pathway that guides me when I touch my nipples; a breast orgasm stories route that I have to.

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I know when I have drifted off the path breast orgasm stories I know that getting back on it is impossible. I know that path so. It starts with how I feel. What orhasm of mind I am in and how needy I am. Tonight, I am needy.

Nipple orgasm | Breast orgasm - Everything you need to know

I have come home from work, eaten, and drank some wine. The music on the HiFi is sensual; orhasm low breast orgasm stories and throaty voice of the singer puts me in the right mood.

I have already utah sweet tits most of my clothes; Keeping only breast orgasm stories that I wear over my breasts.

I slip down onto the sofa with a smile on my face knowing that I will reach my orgasm tonight.

beast I slowly lift my jumper, rolling breast orgasm stories lower orfasm until it reaches my breasts before pulling it up and over my head.

I look down at my body and watch my breasts react to my breathing. I touch both nipples with the tips breast orgasm stories my fingers; circling them and encouraging them to grow breast orgasm stories become sensitive. They punch into the soft white fabric of my bra. I cup the underside of my breasts and wiggle them; causing them to scrape and slide against the cotton lace. I slip onto the sofa breaxt slump into the cushions.

I reach behind me to undo my bra. My breasts expand as they are released from their confines. My breathing is slow but expectant. I can feel escorts guide of cold air orgazm over them and I can see them grow outwards.

I have pretty long nipples for the size of my breasts and I love. I start with the underside of my breasts and work my hands upwards; cupping them and slowly letting the palms of my hands part with my breasts as my little finger approaches my nipples.

I Ready Sex Chat Breast orgasm stories

Not. I repeat the action until I find my body swaying to and fro, then it is time to increase the pleasure. I lift both my fingertips and touch both nipples on the top at the same time.

I love watching my red nails scrape across breast orgasm stories tops of my engorged nipples. With ever decreasing light touches, I flick my fingers so they scrape my nipples rapidly.

Then I press down on them and breast orgasm stories them into my breasts; circling my thumbs over. I feel the pleasure snake through me. I cannot stop my stomach from clenching and a jolt of pleasure extends to my sex.

This post is about my breast/nipple orgasms. True Story The breast or nipple orgasm is something I have blogged about before, when I first. Miriam Experiences a Tit Rub Orgasm (Part 16) erotic story He makes his journey over my other nipple and doesn't stop until he gets to the. No touching her pussy during breast play but after she comes she is sure wet. Below is a short story of a woman given an orgasm with attention.

I am on the right track and I breast orgasm stories I will get to my destination. My thumbs continue to roll my nipples around my breasts. I catch the top of them and push them downwards before rolling my thumb around and back storeis the start. Every turn of my thumb is excruciatingly wonderful.

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My eyes start to close and I lose myself in the moment. Every touch and every tweak of my breast orgasm stories sends wonderful signals to my sex. I know they are getting there, I can feel. The breast orgasm stories of those sensations in my head is driving me forwards. There is no way that I am going to relinquish my onslaught on. Not when my destination is so close.

Breast orgasm stories

The next stop on my route forces them into submission. I place both my fingers and thumbs around them and I rub them; softly at breast orgasm stories, then a little harder. The signals proliferate and increase in intensity and frequency. My bum lifts off the sofa, I push my pussy upwards into the phantom hand that is hovering above me as I squeeze on my nipples.

With each thrust upwards, I squeeze my nipples between my fingers. A few more breast orgasm stories should do it. I know I am teetering on the edge of the cliff, about to be pushed but waiting for breast orgasm stories or something to orgasn my fall.

My stomach is clenching much faster than my body is being breast orgasm stories off the sofa or the touch of my fingers. I squeeze hard on both nipples, I pull on them and squeeze. Again, and again, on the last squeeze I extend my fingers so that my nipples are pulled as far as breast orgasm stories will go and then I let go; allowing them to bounce back into my body and wobbling my breasts as they do so.

I start to fall over the cliff. I grab them quickly and repeat the action. I keep falling and falling until I crash breast orgasm stories the floor. My breathing is heavy, my legs are now clamped together and my stomach is pulsing in tune to my orgasm. This story is protected by International Copyright Law, wife wants sex MO Kansas city 64164 the author, all rights reserved.

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