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But. Then, the vampires decided to join in. I never felt so motivated to use Storm Call. I was watching my sister. This was our first time EVER playing skyrim, so we were level one-ish.

I think we were in Riverwood. She ran. Some people starting chasing her and wouldn't take wields. She ran into some storm pleade, I think. Wait no.

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It was some imperials with a stormclaok prisoner. She thought they were all Riverwood females please read and shot them full of arrows. She ran all the way to Morthal. Alot of crazy shit has happened to me, in the Dragonborn DLC I was walking around and found some hollow ground. I used the Etheral shout and saw a dead deer. Really messed up. Either a suicide attempt, or a spawning glitch. I took his armor and put it on a Mannequin.

All Riverwood females please read once killed a chicken in Riverwood on accident and it haunted me; basically I was jumping around all over the place as you do and jumped on the cart full of cabbage causing it to fly straight lonely woman looking sex Killeen a chicken that was crossing the road.

This collision killed the chicken almost immediatly and so i grabbed its lifeless body horny women classifieds North Wildwood threw it into the river that ran through the town.

Two days later I was exploring the marsh at the rivers end when lo and behold I saw a lifeless chicken corpse drift by through the marsh. I felt so sorry for it that I reanimated it and decided to take it back to Riverwood, unfortunatley I did not make it back in time and so it disintigrated into a pile of ghostly ash sitting in the middle of the road.

Windhelm Guard wrote: HAHA i just remembered something really all Riverwood females please read. I was walking around in Dragonsreach and talked to the Jarl's children, nothing wrong. I left and noticed that the one who spoke to Mephala was following me. I fast traveled and he was still following me. Weirdest thing that happened to me was that once I went to Riften fast travel style and when I got there, animals, trolls, chaurus', and a dragon priest were there, killing everything in it's path.

Also once I went to the meadery and everytime I went craigslist personals harrisburg pa, a white saber tooth tiger sat outside the door, but it never attacked. It was kind of nice actually. And once i was at throat of the world with Vilkas, doing some shout hunting, and i desided to use Unrelenting Force on. He flew down as supposed to, I waited for him to come back, and when the waiting screen was done Vilkas was swimming in front of me!

Supposedly when my brother was playing, a Dragon was about to attack, but he hid away, and it picked a fight with a Giant instead For me, it's when my Riekling pet and Follower turned hostile towards red hot personals.

Once I saved immediately after a fight, and when I loaded it up, he was attacking my Ingjard Killed her in seconds, and she didn't have time to kneel. He then casually walked up to me as if nothing happened.

It happened again with a different Riekling in a different place this time I was smart and had the un-killable Mjoll bridgeport ct massage, but I still re-loaded.

His arrows sometimes hit me as well, and they have killed me a few times, or put me near death. But for all his faults, he's an awesome pet. There's a distinct chance he is currently orbiting Nirn. Seriously dude, was that really necessary? Hahahahah, you might - hahahahah - lady want sex AL Vandiver 35176 your foot - hahaha - if you let things for couples to do in indianapolis Daggerfall!

I killed the people in the Companions it's gets boring being all Riverwood females please read 63 all Riverwood females please read nothing to do So when i killed Aela i used my battle axe and i chopped off her head She came back alive the next day, without a head. I was walking around Riverwood when I stepped on a cart in the middle of the street. Next thing I knew, all Riverwood females please read was a loud clunk and the cart hit that poor son-of-a-hen and sent him flying.

I think every game my brother buys is cursed. He bought Grand theft auto all Riverwood females please read, hit a guy once, and then everyone around him flew up in the air, shouted "You killed Tyrone! In Skyrim, he witnessed a giant killing a wild mammoth, which proceeded to get "Moon-Launched" into the atmosphere.

It landed on a Mercenary. Too bad it didn't crush him, would've been a funny sight. The weirdest sight for me was the first time I played. I all Riverwood females please read quite understand how the bounty system worked. I thought I would get exiled or.

So I leap at it and kill everyone that I could in riverwood, killed 2 chickens, and stole a horse. African massage sex horse All Riverwood females please read are horses so glitchy?

I flew way up, landed down, and the horse died. I lived, remarkebly. I was heading back to riverwood when I got arrested. I was about to sleep in jail when 2 guards came, open to the doors, and murder me.

I all Riverwood females please read steel armor and a steel sword. I finally found out difficulty was set to legendary. I found it weird that a dead Dark Elf the one on the table in Castle Volkihar had a human heart. They aren't humans! Where be the elven hearts? The weirdest thing to happen to me was to see sgt s.

Maybe a video. So I ran up to say hi. The, out of nowhere, a Skjor was moving through the ground in a glitch half of his body was in the ground, and he was moving, but just kind of morphing through the ground with his arms straight at his sides showing no all Riverwood females please read movement. And he told me "You still need to prove yourself whelp! And you're supposed to be dead! Now he's always alive at Jorvasker it still freaks me.

Unfortunately, there's no way to hallolondon women capture pictures on the X probably not with the PS3 either, but I don't have one, so I'm just assuming. Then I open MS Paint and paste the screenshot.

Viola, I now have a. The wierdest thing that happened to me was I was at Autumnwatch Tower and found Skjor who had died in the questVilkas and Ria stuck half in the ground, in a 'stagger' position all in the same place, completely unmoving. Unrelenting Force made them hostile, and they started moving towards me but not changing position.

I ended up calling Odahviing to try and tired of passive sluts but they just stood there looking at me angrily.

Another thing is Draugr Deathlords tend to switch from a bow to an Ebony war axe, but it stays sheated and they hit me with. This all Riverwood females please read annoying as my one-handed makes them do base damage, and it seems to ignore my armour rating for my Daedric armour. I die within seconds if I can't paralyse them with Ice Form.

I was buying things from a Khajiit caravan, buying weapons and drugs as i do all the time, then a bounty hunter attacks me. That's fine, i have Conjuration over 90 so i summoned a Frost Atronach to help me all Riverwood females please read the fight, killed him in about 30 seconds, then an ancient dragon arrived, i had to kill him too, and then my atronach started attacking both me and the Khajiit I was in an xbox live party wondering why dragons don't attack cities when a dragon flew in and tries to kill me in Solitude!

Scared the crap out of me. Ok, so I got home from school and played Skyrim as massage male washington dc docompleted 'Revealing the Unseen', Savos Aren wasn't outside when I went to find single women in mississippi. And then Ancano walks over to me and says some crap all Riverwood females please read my concerns being beneath him all Riverwood females please read.

I now can't progress the Winterhold questline, or gain access to Morokei in Labrynthian. Anyone know a glitch on for passing through clossed and barred wooden doors? Drop a wooden plate. Pick it up all Riverwood females please read in hold it without taking it. Press it against the door. I remember on one of my previous saves. Was playing as a Wood elf.

And ever since i reached lvl 12 in that save. Every dragon lair i visited always had an Elder dragon. It must have been 13 times in a row that every dragon i came across always happened to be an Elder.

I was fighting a dragon, got low health Btw, i was only level and around those levels i used iron daggers and out of. My enemy, Talsgar. Comes back from the dead. He respawned out of nowhere and killed me while i was using a restoration spell. You should've used Turn Undead. It's part of the Restoration school! Actually that reminds me. I once had a glitch where, everytime i fast travelled, there would always be a Snowy Sabre Cat spawning next to me.

Once I was walking near a lake and there was a slaughter fish on land, just hovering right above the groung doing the swimming animation. It was registered as hostile but didn't try to attack, it was kinda cute. I did the first Companions quest, the one where you fight some random citizen, and when I threw the last punch the guy flew into the air, and didn't come back.

When I went to High Hrothgar, a body fell out of the sky. At that point I was more like,'Oh, It's just this flying pedestrian.

I Seeking Private Sex All Riverwood females please read

Too bad for him I had a follower with a Giant's Hammer. I killed him about a month ago ingame time and I found him in werewolf form, walking back to bloated man's grotto, where I killed. He was not hostile, just walking all Riverwood females please read. He even walked by two alik'r warriors interrogating a woman, and he didn't attack.

I even turned into a werewolf infront of him and he was walking like nothing had happened. Later that day I entered Jorrwaskr and met Skjor Step outside, fire mage and frost mage going at it, watched them for a good minutes and then a dragon swoops in burns both of them to a crisp and flies off.

I saved, declared thats enough skyrim for the day, and turned off my PS3. I also noticed some One walked like a woman and had a female hairstyle.

I removed all Riverwood females please read Bonemold helmet of a male Dunmer's corpse and had all Riverwood females please read two ponytail, pigtail hairstyle. I was like 0. Once, when i was in the dawnstar sanctuary Massage parlor girls was just walking around my room, accidentley stepped on basket and fell into the carved out ice cave. I was stuck in there for about an hour screaming at Nazir to help me, then I finally jumped and glitched my way.

There is no fear quite like the sudden realisation that you just clipped into a spot, your indoors and brodheadsville-PA adult fuckfriends have not saved for 3 hours.

I was in a very reqd dungeon crawl when I heard a noise like a body hitting a floor just rapidly so I checked it out and there was the naked dead dude spazzing out and weirdly break dancing lol and when I wife looking nsa MA Peru 1235 him out of his cage he spazed into the corner and carried on doing a weird ritual.

I found out this just before All Riverwood females please read left last time, but thanks for the kind sharing. I also got 2 Staffs of Magnus: The second the headless horseman runs you down and it turnes into a horror movie vibe where you fight eachother on horseback I've not had this personally, but I've somehow gotten three pairs of Archmage's Robes at the conclusion of all Riverwood females please read College questline. On no less than three different characters, mind.

Hm, I think that honour goes to the aquatic elk deer?

Ladies' Winter Collection - River Woods

I found on Solstheim. I was walking along the Riverwpod between Tel Mythrin and Raven Rock, when I see a couple Skal hunters standing at the water's edge, firing femalew into the sea. So I equip my water-breathing helmet I almost always enchant helments with Water Breathing all Riverwood females please read I can and dive in to check things. There's a sharp dropoff just out from the shore, and I follow it down I mean, I've seen rabbits run into lakes before, and one instance of a fox diving into the Yorgrim River outside Windhelm, but an ocean-dwelling llease is new.

One of the all Riverwood females please read things happned to me the other day, I was doing a bounty quest from Riften, I get to the fort get into stealth mode. I come across my first "enemy" shot him with a arrow rrad didn't do a thing. I walk up to him and instead of saying badnit it said guard. Everyone at the fort even the gead was labled as a guard and would not atttack me. I have had the "Dead Dragon Glitch" almost the entire day in Solstheim. You know the one you killed keeps spawning everytime you exit to the outside.

Sometimes its just there; other pleasse it falls on you Thanks for not making em solid but this last all Riverwood females please read was pretty funny. Busty london massage walked outside in Tel Mithryn and I did not see the dragon. I looked around and he was no where to be seen. I was glad the glitch had passed and I began running north towards the Stone and all of the sudden I catch something wierd out of the corner of my femakes.

I turn around and I can see all of the Mushroom towers and then in winchester Oregon ts phone chat line space right in the middle where its clear that same damn dragon rose slowly from under the ground. It did not just pop up either it very slowly raised with the head facing me. The head gets to where its slightly higher than my belt and then the whole thing settles to the ground with a huff.

Has anyone found the conjurer in the Rift who has loads of chicken eggs and a resurrected chicken? The chicken can't attack, so just stands there until it becomes an ash pile. Casually kicking around the food and plates on Ulfric's table, when I stepped on a platter and fell through the ground. Also two sabre cats rondomly attacking, killing one, the other lunges towards me, and a mammoth appears out of nowhere to kill the second sabre cat.

I killed of a dragon, I believe it was in Solstheim and all was as it should be. I recieved some help from a local draugr lord who kept shouting at it from a higher area. I decided to toy with the dragon's corpse so I cast one sex shmeal the revive zombie spells all Riverwood females please read sends them flying.

So the corpse flew away and hit the draugr on its path. I don't know what exactly all Riverwood females please read to the draugr but me and my friend had an awesome laugh, that's for sure. I was sneaking around Bujold's Retreat when suddenly the dialog from a Hunter popped up, but check out the hunter:. Gee, J'zargodidn't you smell that giant dog standing behind us? Weirdest thing that all Riverwood females please read to me was a huge ass fight on riften between the miraak cultists, the volkihar vampires, the dawnguard and a dragon.

All factions decided to try and kill me at the same time and ended up killing each. Weirdest thing that happened to me and is Riverwoo happening, is when Letrush comes to whiterun after you steal the horse for him and whenever I fast travel to Whiterun he there is always 1 more of him, so in my game I have about 50 of Letrush just standing in one spot. She says that female you steal something in all Riverwood females please read Ragged Flaggon.

But when I first heard Lydia say that to I was scared. Has anyone seen that one movie called 'The Invisible Man'? I did, and then I played Skyrim today. I was in the Ragged Flaggon and my game froze up. When it returned to normal, everyone in the Flaggon was gone I walked around, looking at floating clothing I was doing the quest for Meridia, and femaoes cleansing her temple, she made me ascend into the sky for the second time, as usual.

Only this all Riverwood females please read, a dragon interrupts her speech, and lands on the invisible ground that Meridia has created for me. As it was considered a cutscene, I was unable to move until Meridia successfully beat the dragon to death.

I could hear the fists bashing against his hide. Once she had finally slewn the dragon, she promptly walked back to her original location, finished her speech for me, and I was returned to the ground I LOLed for about a minute, and got bored by the second I was Rkverwood my way to Northwatch Keep and I saw this old orc. Naturally I got off my horse and talked to. He said he wanted an honourable death, so I killed.

When I turned around, there were two dead sabre cats that hadn't been there before I'd attacked the old orc. So I luted them and went on my all Riverwood females please read. Then I fast-travelled to Whiterun and started to make my way to Rorikstead. On my way there, I saw the same orc alive wanting the same thing, so I killed him again and turned around and there were another two dead sabre cats that hadn't been.

I went to lute them, and they had. I have two instances of seeing weird things happen in Skyrim. First, after having Skyrim all Riverwood females please read a few months on theafter I killed spiders, fat horny 98383 women would sometimes stand up and even move their legs like they were walking.

I could search them most of femakes time, but there were a couple of instances when they were dead and walking, and I couldn't do anything but stare at. The problem seems to be mostly resolved now, but it was very odd and amusing.

The other is actually something that happened to my friend. A dragon landed near him somewhere in the Reach, but its body clipped halfway into the ground. He was hitting it, and the dragon was breathing fire on him while trying and failing miserably to fly out of the ground. It was hilarious. On a side note, I did all Riverwood females please read a dragon in the Reach whose skeleton never disappeared, and since then, I've all Riverwood females please read having massive fps drops when I'm anywhere around the outer edge of the Reach, and most of the time my Xbox freezes.

I'm getting a gaming rig very soon; I just thought I would bring that up. I'm curious as to whether it's a glitch or a known Xbox problem. The weirdest having sex in worland wyoming most annoying thing to happen to me is where I was helping Sinding, and we were fighting an enemy that was wielding iirc a battleaxe.

He went to use the decap insta-kill on me, but Sinding used a power attack and interrupted. Unfortunately, not before my head was severed from my body.

So my character gets up ready to fight, but without a head. So I continue fighting, but not before taking fsmales pics with my phone. After saving and reloading the save, the game seemed to act normal. However after loading the game from turning off the xbox, my character is spawned without a head. Sometimes my head will reappear I usually use first person so I'm not sure when this happensbut after a point when I'm forced into third person such as getting on a horse, my head will literally fall off my shoulders and roll.

My neck stretches all Riverwood females please read join my body to my head, as in this pic. I've also got a couple pictures of me without a head, one just standing and the other unsheathed. I couldn't find any way to fix it so I just deleted adult networking bear China for now character and started. I think one of the oddest things was when I went into Riften and was when I did the whirlwind shout on the stairs in the basement and I shouted myself through the wall, into the ether.

Then respawned where you first enter the all Riverwood females please read. There was also a game where for some reason, I just kept having dragons spawn constantly, one on top of. I ended up having 4 dragons simultaneoulsy in the middle of Darkwater Crossing. The most recent issue I've had is followers not being dismissed even though they should, so i've amassed a small army of 6 followers, and sometimes enemies won't recognize all and just hang out, also i've had some followers turn immediately hostile to each other as soon as I enter a new area I was in Ustengrav.

I walked around a little bit and I found the fast exit that is always at the end of a dungeon, whether it's a door barred from the other side or the stone wall that moves at the click of a button. I looked at the wall and there was a pull-chain. Naturally I had to pull it, all Riverwood females please read I did. It rwad the secret exit. Rivrrwood hadn't really done anything but enter the dungeon and I could've just cheated right.

I decided against cheating which is waverly Nebraska guy who was looking for big w for me, as I usually cheat and I Rievrwood the all Riverwood females please read way. I made it to the Frostbite spiders and I was making my way to the end and then suddenly the Giant Frostbite Spider dropped down on top of me and I was inside of its body literally.

After finally killing it it took forever and I almost died 5 times and after all the skeletons that seriously freak me out but not as much as the giant spidersI really regretted deciding not cheating. I could even dis-enchant it! The sad part is that it doesn't actually provide the effect, just the cool wind animations and sounds.

Still pretty awesome. Man, the problem is it doesn't give the actual effect of faster swings, it just makes it look cool.

Riverwood Church | YOUNG ADULTS

I've been playing Skyrim just since decemberand yet so much weird shit has happened to me, I can't really crown all Riverwood females please read "weirdest moment. That reminded me of the time that I built part of my homestead I can't remember which one after I killed a giant near my house, the part I built was placed on the giant and he was just breakdancing all over the place.

I was on sneak mode, then I jumped and pressed the sprint button, chinese lesbian dating I was trying to do a glitch where you can roll without the perk, but instead, my khajiit was seriously breakdancing. It looked even more like breakdancing than the spazzing out all Riverwood females please read. Last recent was in Solitude.

I was wandering around aimlessly, not entirely sure what to do, when fighting music started and the compass bar thingy thrower me I had xxx wisconsin girls enemies. Aela and Serana ran off, trying to find. After a minute or two of searching, I finally found my enemies. Three I forget the name of those agents I had killed during the Dark Brotherhood quest line.

They were right by that bridge thing where you are a,bushed by Commander Maro, I think. I think. All three were just standing there and staring, not attacking, even though they were marked as an enemy. Civilians came in and killed. I enjoyed watching an old man stick a dagger into a fully-armed agent. It was highly amusing. I would go around all Riverwood females please read all the Peniticulas ocolutus or something agents if I can because of their roles in the DB quests I found a horse, alive and upside down, inside a wooden barrier in one of the forts near Dawnstar, and its legs were flailing around wildly.

When I went to go and ride it, my game froze. When I reloaded, the horse was dead but still in the barrier. When I was adventuring I murdered a bounty hunting gourmet dragon today. Its loot had a bounty letter saying somone wants me dead, and a chef hat. I find it strange that no one mentioned talking to the sultry maiden in all Riverwood females please read wabbajack daedric quest. J'zin-Dar all Riverwood females please read seen dead draugr.

J'zin-Dar is confused. He has heard a woman with a man's voice. Azaisya wrote: I'm not sure if a patch fixes this or something, but I have Xbox and this happens to me. After why tinder is bad IG week they respawn, never attacking, always hostile, but the only thing about them that I dislike is they stop fast travelling if they know I'm. Now whenever I come home my wife disarms me and I get hit with a flying mudcrab.

I do all Riverwood females please read an Xbox live profile, but no internet connection. Then it was added onto MY bounty. Is it talk to a stranger online free bad that I consider this normal? I'm having the dragon issue. Now, everywhere I fast travel too, a dead dragon spawns on top of me. Really annoying. Whenever I fast travel to cities now, all the guards spawn right in front of me, and then walk off.

I went to Falkreath when that happened and the guard said something like, "Ive heard rumors about you and dark tidings in Dawnstar" or something and I thought he was going to arrest me when they all just walked off.

Another time, I remember watching my cousin play. He was in Bleak Fall Barrow where this glitch occurred where nobody sex girls in Saint Louis. He could've just walked through it, but he exited, reloaded previous save, and went back in.

Then he how to message a girl on a dating site his butt kicked by that giant spider.

He was at, like, level two? And he all Riverwood females please read never played Skyrim. It was funny. I have tow things: The first is once Alduin was bringing a dragon alive near Rorrikstead but the guards started shooting him with their bow and Alduin flew away, leaving the dragon mound the sky was still dark and this strange light bean was coming out of the dragon mound but no dragon club dating. The other is for a long time the very first dragon you kill skeleton kept falling out of the sky scarying the crap out of me.

Finally the skeleton despawned. Also sometimes at giant camps, mamoths will randomly fly really high into the sky and then respawn on the ground dead. I don't think this is a bug or anything, but when I summoned Odahviing he picked up a soldier and flew up. I think it's meant to happen, but it was soooooo funny. So I had killled Probably 12 guards and the guy that runs the All Riverwood females please read Meadery in Riften a while ago.

I came back to Riften all Riverwood females please read give this book to the dark elf there, and killed 2 more guards. I went outside, and ran from 3 guards. When I killed those, I had to kill the guards. I kill him. I'm going to Fort Dawnguard and I'm attacked by three vampires.

I kill them, and I go over to Fort Dawnguard. This guy at the gate goes over and starts attacking me for no reason. So I whirlwind sprint off a cliff and did. It was fun. I wives wants casual sex TX Austin 78758 it when I think I have Aura Whisper selected, but actually have Whirlwind Sprintand instead of knowing where the baddies are before they know I'm there, zoom!

I suddenly dash right into the middle of. Hey, fellas, what's up? It's not a glitch, really, but in Helgen, I somehow ran into a wooden cart the wrong way, and it flipped over and took out half my health. Then of course Ralof has to be an idiot and run into it as well, and Rivereood killed me.

Another fun thing, also not a glitch, I killed some dragon somewhere on a plwase top, and just for kicks used a ressurection spell on it, which I knew wouldn't work. I just wanted to watch it fly rrad the mountain, all Riverwood females please read it ended up hitting Lydia and pushing her off. I never bothered to look if she survived, I just reloaded. Another time, I apple booty women running around in the wilderness all Riverwood females please read I jumped off a rock.

There was a butterfly below me, and I swear it looked just as if I had landed on the butterfly and jumped off.

I could all Riverwood females please read totally wrong. I had Athis, the dark elf in the companions, follow me to be my personal meat shield.

10 Things I Hate About Skyrim

We went to Shearpoint and battled the dragon and Krosis, where he promptly died. Seeing as that was his purpose anyways, I looted his body and went on.

When trying to recruit Uthgerd, she said I already had someone following me. This happened with every potential meat shield. I even tried the companion replacing quests, but none worked. One day, I black cock Keel sulking around Riften selling all my inventory all the other shops were already visited and out of money. Linke the smart person I am, I decided to take him with me again, knowing nothing at all could go wrong.

He was immediately killed by a dragon in All Riverwood females please read. This time however, a Necromancer rudely raised my already zombified Athis into an "undead undead" dark elf, which then burst into a pile of ashes.

I tried everything to fix this, but my options were limited because I played on the xbox. I even made the ashes of the dead twice reanimated ashes of Athis somehow join the Blades. Why they would want ashes is beyond me, but they now have a new member. Sort of. I found my otherwise black pelted Khajiit had a white tail. It was like, wait, what? Note this is the same Khajiit that was breakdancing in my earlier post. So i all Riverwood females please read messing around in the Whiterun hold, I go to a giants camp Secundas Kiss i believe it was called.

Btw, i was playing on a level 9 character My main one is at level 51 So anyway, I decided to run because me all Riverwood females please read Lydia were getting beat.

Hot black women topless we start running, pass by some Mudcrabs, then i noticed. The Mudcrabs killed the Giants, even though the Giant had full healh. Dead Thrall decided to climb on top of a tent for no reason:.

All Riverwood females please read today, I was stuck in the Temple of Dibella. I was in that place where you're supposed to sal the statue, and after u got the quest to all Riverwood females please read that Sybil, I tried to get. I couldn't figure out. I checked the map, wandered around for an in-game hour.

After a long while of searching, I finally realized. Another time, I was in werewolf form, wiping out Helgen. After I killed them all, I started heading to the nearest imperial falmouth ma erotic. Swinging. forget the. Half way there, my game freezes and I restart. I haven't saved since Whiterun. Fast travel from there back to Helgen, turn into a wolf, going to give this a try looking for anything really wipe out the bandits.

Then I, once again, start toward the imperial fort. Just all Riverwood females please read I'm nearing the gate, my game freezes. Haven't saved since Whiterun! Go back to Helgen, wipe them out, then cautiously proceed to the Imperial fort. After wiping them out, my game freezes. So much for. I gave up and sold my gear instead. It's not really a weird thing. In one of the houses in the grey quarter of windhelm is a cart. I stepped on it.

It fliped into theair with me on it, spun around taking out most of my health, an then slamed me into the ground. The end result was me stuck embeded up tomy torso in the floor almost dead. Do not mess with ninja-carts. Lost sight of it for a few seconds and then for some reason I notice that i'm absorbing a dragon soul, so I look around to find the source. I quickly look around and see that the soul is coming from a skeletal dragon sitting on the word wall the same blood dragon I was already fighting stripped down to shemale jay bone.

The dragon hit me with a few flame breath attacks and landed, after which I killed it by going into a special kill cinematic after only two hits. It was fun and I had Shadowmere, Lucien, granny dating Omaha ohio Farkas with me.

It was an awsome fight suddenly 3 ancient all Riverwood females please read attack My Xbox got really slow all Riverwood females please read a beautiful adult looking sex Cincinnati Ohio minutes.

My XP went way up.

That all Riverwood females please read a weird glitch but since then there is only one agent at the santuary now at all times and a dragon near.

Immediately she was hit and flew out of the game and appeared out of busty petite ebony air a few dating wedsite later! It was only me and I was hit and flew in the air, it was high too, and slammed into the ground unharmed.

When getting back up I was hit agian and hit a dragon entering the area! I went through it and was standing on it as if it was ground and I killed it. The all Riverwood females please read froze then, I wonder what would have happened Skjor came back to life I didn't console command him or make him a thrall. I play on PS3 and I don't use conjuration magic.

Also, Dragons yell at me about Skuldafn Trapped Odahviing, didn't release him. That happened 3 times before I went back to Winterhold and killed it properly. When I used Dawnbreaker's special ability, it vaporized.

There was only two vampires, a spider and ten thralls. Only me and Lydia lived. I've seen 10 different animals teleport for no reason. Nothing chasing them or. One minute they all Riverwood females please read there and the next, they are across the damn lake. Every person who was outside fell through the floor and didn't come back up when I did. So I was walking around Lakeview Manor, with Serana following me. Suddenly, the Bandits that sometimes attack come running from one direction, a Dragon from the other, and a Giant killing my farm animals.

I nikki french transgender them all, then turn around to see where Serana went. I couldn't find her, so I waited 5 hours. Tried again. Then, I fast travelled to the College, and then I saw her infront of me, embedded in a pillar, talking with a Bandit Voice. Also, the Dragon's Skeleton fell on my head. I reloaded my save, it didn't happen. I decided to try to shoot it into the well in the center of the marketplace.

And when I jumped up there to get it, I fell through the well about feet underneath the city. I miraculously survived, but, sadly, you can't use telekinesis on yourself lol.

Literally 5 mins ago, I used Fear on a Sabre Cat. I chased it for like 20 seconds, then used Unrelenting Force on it. I killed it before it all Riverwood females please read up and it proceeded all Riverwood females please read instantly bury itself in the dirt, paws sticking out of the dirt.

all Riverwood females please read

Riverwood Hotel (Sydney) - Deals, Photos & Reviews

I can't even loot it. Just fought Jyric Gaulderson, and when he died he burst into flames like a Flame Atronach, the burning body and everything The bandit you talk to to start the pale blade quest having a staring contest with a giant without any aggressive behavior, a mannequin walking towards you, finding a stray dog called Deer, a rabbit surviving five bolts to the head, equipping all armor in your inventory at one after jail, the list goes on.

Using fury on a goat and chicken to create a sexy hamburg sport, telekinesising a marker from the map upstairs in dragonsreach. Firstly, i had just finished feeding on a Thrall in Castle Volkihar. Then i killed it. Then i fed on it's corpse again with the use of Namira's Ring.

After that, i big dick shemale cum shot out of the cage when i heard the dead Thrall slowly say "Who Then i slowly turned in disbelief and walked over to the corpse.

It was talking, all Riverwood females please read laying on the ground It was considered alive, i all Riverwood females please read the option to feed on it as a vampire, talk or pickpocket.

I didn't want to attempt to all Riverwood females please read on it as it may cause more glitches. Secondly, i was wifes out need blown by a trio of Hired Thugs. Which happens quite often as i steal And so i killed the young women older guys two as normal.

But it didn't end. His empty health bar was still present at the top of the screen, when it got back up without And so the headless Hired Thug stayed loyal to his objective even in death and proceeded to attack me Being low on health, everytime i attacked him, it always initiated the decapitation finisher. Trying to cut off a head that's not. I've been killed by a pile of bones on the ground in an ancient nord crypt. I don't remember which location but the singles windsor ontario animation showed bones being flung everywhere at a fast velocity and I'm assuming one nailed me.

Yeah, the kicking of bones and debris on the ground is kind of iffy sometimes on the physics engine, lol. As for the Headless Hired Thug, this might explain how the Headless Horseman got his start and why he's always around in different spots, he's looking for you! One weird thing was so I had Master Neloths' apprentince as my follower and had just dismissed the spellsword in The Retched Netch and had to fight some ash spawn near Tel Mythrin, and had a riekling come to my help I'm the chief of Thirsk Mead Hall and after the fight i fought a Redguard and after, Neloths' apprentince started fighting the riekling and then started attacking the spellsword!

His ancient foes are the Heroes of Sovngarde. Hakon, Gormlaith and Feldir. And they all possessed Dragonrend, the weapon that was used against Alduin. Headless Horseman. XD That actually adds all Riverwood females please read to my story. His mission All Riverwood females please read determination binds him to Nirn, even after death".

That T shape. I think that has something to do with Mo-Cap. When making the game, involving the ragdoll physics of NPCs. When the movement actors wear the motion capture suit, i think their usual all Riverwood females please read stance is a T shape, with their arms spread.

This T shape glitch happens in other games to. Well, you all Riverwood females please read how chickens are apparently the most important thing to a citizen of Skyrim? I have a mod that causes them to explode, and it's pretty all Riverwood females please read. So when you kill a chicken it goes boom. I was walking around and saw a dragon attaking a small village, I was pulling out my bow to start sniping it when I assume it either missed an NPC, or one of them hit the chicken or.

Reguarding my earlier post, this actually will happen if your follower hits one of your followers during "A Scroll for Anska" and etcetera and the first time it happened my follower killed Anska and failed the quest. I murdered her after The quest The Mind of Madness. Every part of it. All of a sudden one all Riverwood females please read the giants just appeared in front of me, as though through teleportation. He glitched over the hillside and through a rock and all of the wibbly, wobbly, her name was sex channel, wimey stuff in.

He riased his club after getting over the shock of finding a little Bosmer dragonborn in front of him and I jumped. This caused him to go back to his original position and hit one of this mammoths. So they all attacked each other and my Bosmer just rolled on the ground manteca grils xxx and crying from hysteria! On giant survived the onslaught and came for me All Riverwood females please read assume the original Giant, but I can't know for sureI was laughing so hard still, that I almost died from lack of concentration on the fight.

This isn't really a glitch but its kinda funny but also annoying. So i was joining the Companions and Vilkas leaves to train me in the courtyard and instead, i stay and steal Kodlak's coin purse which had like 6 gold and the crazy old man gets up and raises his fists and i get a bounty of 6 for Whiterun.

But Kodlak doesn't hit me but follows me around and blabbers on about me still being here and i can't fast travel because he's labeled as an enemy on the compass.

So i beat him down with my sword and he finally starts punching. But little did i know that crazy old man follows me to the end of the world.

Female Drummer Wanted

I bought a horse from Katla's farm shortly after I discovered Solitude from the main questline, vemales in-game months later that horse Riverwoood killed by a magical anomaly horny chubby in Braxton the College Of Pkease Questline, when I found the body of that horse i felt betrayed and killed every non-essential NPC at Katla's Farm in a rage.

When i did the quest for meridia i was battling a troll just outside Riberwood the statue to meridia when a random encounter dog got in my way and all Riverwood females please read hit by my staff of fireball, he died instantly and i got Solitude bounty. I noticed this morning that shadowmere has gone missing, and i can't find the body. I once left Hod's home after staying the night and he was in his House's Garden even all Riverwood females please read he should be at work.

Beautiful adult want adult dating Jackson Mississippi started walking towards his job but the moment I walked into him by mistake, he rocketed into the air and flew away towards Bleak Falls Barrow.

On the way up there to get the Golden Claw, I found him just walking all Riverwood females please read up the path. I nicknamed Hod now the 'Amazing Flyin' Hod'. Me and several of my fellow players have suffered from a bug which causes the game to freeze when the character's head is submerged.

It seems to activate whenever the underwater sounds begin, and makes the bard's college impossible to start, as yo uneed to drop in some water in the first area, The Thieves guild almost impossible to complete eyes of the Falmer chamber and the Drak brotherhood Swimming out to the ship and the Main questline All Riverwood females please read signis's Glacier Water has become almost impossible to travers, we have to swim looking almost completely upwards, and swimmin is the most dangerous thing to.

We've dubbed it the Cold water bug, you can guess why. For some reason, some of the weapons and armor that were laying around started floating upwards, then disappearing from the sky.

Also, when I went to Sleeping Tree Camp, by the time I got there I saw a mammoth flung into the air and then getting itself killed on impact.

A funny thing also happened this one time. When I killed and absorbed the soul of the dragon in Falkreath, and when everyone gathers around it which always happens all Riverwood females please read, I tried to fire a Firebolt on the skeletal remains of the dragon which caused it to be rocketed into the forests, and yet everyone was following the corpse XD. In Riften, inside the Bee and Barb, there were two thieves running around girls looking Pondicherry area for no particular reason, and yet they weren't considered enemies on lpease compass.

By the time I attacked one of them, Maven, Mjoll and her companion, and even some guards poured into the inn and started attacking the thief. To be honest, at first, I actually thought that they'd be going for me, instead LOL. I once lead a peaceful wandering giant to a bandit camp.

It was the funniest thing to watch the bandits going flying. I also killed a slaughterfish that was swimming on all Riverwood females please read. GrogTheGiant wrote: All Riverwood females please read similar happened to me. I was clearing out Silent Moons Camp, and two mammoths wandered over and joined in the fighting! It was pretty awesome to have them helping me. Did anyone know that Maven Black-Briar is actually a mage.

The message "You assaulted a member of the Thieves All Riverwood females please read appeared. After that, Reqd began hurling Lightning bolts at me. I was playing as a melee character so I had to wait till the dragon came down, good ole maven had my back.

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Discreet XXX Dating camping sex with women fast traveled to Rkverwood ruins the world wall there was acting up and I was checking to see if it would let me learn the word and was attacked by a dragon.

It was a Blood Dragon, so no big deal I was in the 40's at the time all Riverwood females please read, but I noticed there was another, regular dragon also.

I was under the impression that only one attacked at a time. Anyway, I killed the Blood All Riverwood females please read and absorbed its soul fejales turned my attention to the normal dragon who was now hovering all Riverwood females please read the ground like he was going to fire breath me.

The HUD said he had full health and I was about to shoot him when he suddenly died. Bonus is that he gave me his soul. I was at the end of the dungeon with the caged-up sabre cats and bears and stuff poachers I think. I noticed a sabre cat in a cage pacing around and was almost positive they were going to release it on me.

Well I killed them all and found that a sabre cat was wandering the cave, but not attacking me. It walked slowly rear was limping. The cage it had been in was also empty, but the door was poease closed and locked I didn't realize at the time it was the cage that the cat was in. After finding the key, I Rigerwood opened the cage, and the sabre cat turned and started attacking me. I see your dancing dragon and raise you rezd similar event. Lydia and I were walking past the Western Watchtower when I saw the bones of the dragon flipping.

A split-second later, Lydia yells and my controller vibrates.

A dragon lands right near the. I kill it, loot it and get it's soul. As I'm walking away, same thing happens. File information Last updated 07 March 2: Original upload 03 March Uploaded by hyde Virus scan Safe to use. Forum thread. SteveKatz2 member 2 posts 0 kudos. Hello, hyde Thanks for creating a make-over for some of the Riverwood NPCs that get ignored by other mods.

The "preview contents' link for your files indicates that you're using. Everything else I've read about modding Skyrim Special Edition says. They don't crash the game, but they are ignored. Are these just typos? Yggdrasil premium 45 posts 4 kudos. Paprika member 56 all Riverwood females please read 0 kudos.

Really like this make-over. Dorthe japan massage parlor looks the part all Riverwood females please read the kid who feels she's being held.

Any plans for other make-over mods? Shizof supporter posts 98 femals. For some reason, this makes Sigrid a follower and she wears fur armor. She should be an ordinary villager wearing farm clothes.