JTI Inc. Cleveland

Trailers, Hitches, & Maintenance

About JTI

JTI, Cleveland trailer experts

Family Owned & Operated Since 1935

Visit our website for trailer inventory, service, parts, maintenance, and trailer rentals in Cleveland.  

John’s Trailer Inc. (JTI) was established in Cleveland in 1935 when John Agoston was building trailers for his neighbors and area businessmen in a small building on Buckeye Road. Since then, the business has been owned and managed by four generations of the family, and continues to be recognized as a source of expertise and experience for anyone who uses trailers, hitches, and related equipment in the Greater Cleveland area.


Many of our customers are Cleveland-area landscapers, snowplow businesses, farmers, building contractors and others who rely on their trailers daily. Recreational trailer users rely on us too – whether they’re towing boats, snowmobiles, motocross equipment, racehorses, or just moving a child to college across the state or down the road.

Experience in Trailers, Hitches, Snow Plows  

Over the years, JTI has developed considerable experience and specializes in trailers, hitches, and snow plows. But our roots are strong, and our specialty still includes customizing and custom-building trailers. Our expert sales team will equip you with the right trailer or plow, and our technical maintenance staff will keep it serviced to make sure you preserve the life of your purchase.

New & Used Trailers & Equipment

JTI offers rental, new and used trailer sales, service, trailer components and parts, and towing accessories. In addition, we include sales, installation and service of snow and ice management equipment.

We don’t just sell trailers, we offer expertise. Whether you need advice for your business hauling or looking for the best solution regarding how to haul your “toys,” we offer you the best advice as well as technical expertise.

Call us with your trailer-related questions at 440.232.4311 or stop in to our Oakwood Village showroom to see our trailer and equipment stock and meet our team.

JTI on Twitter

FolloScreen Shot 2014-12-27 at 7.04.52 PMw us on Facebook or Twitter. We love to connect with our customers!

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