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Manicure trailer

5 Things To Do With a Trailer (That Might Surprise You)

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  1. Take Your Business on the Road! What kind of business? You might be surprised. Mobile pet grooming is popular, but it’s possible to  pretty up people from a trailer, too. A European businesswoman came up with the idea for La Lacquerie, a mobile mani/pedi business, when she was grabbing lunch at a food truck.

    Manicure trailer

    Mobile mani/pedi? Sure!

  2. Show off in a Parade! Thanks to Wild Republic, we  got to enjoy the ride (vicariously, at least).  JTI-WildRep-Parade
  3. Snag some family time. Is owning a trailer the key to having a happy family? We don’t have conclusive proof, but there’s definitely some convincing evidence. In Northeast Ohio, camping is just one way our customers have “fun with a hitch.”JJtrailers-insideTent
  4. Work from anywhere. You can park a trailer on a job site and call it your office, or you can create an office you can haul to any job site. Bright lights, 110-v electrical service, a back-up generator, dry erase boards and a durable, good-looking, no-skid floor? Call us about customizing your cargo trailer/new office: 440.232.4311 custom cargo trailer interior
  5. Downsize. Surely you’ve heard of the tiny houses trend? It’s really on a roll. tiny house on flatbed trailer

What do you use your trailer for? We’d love to hear from you! Want to be featured on our blog? Please contact us.

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Since 1935, we’ve helped our customers use their trailers for work & play, in some surprising and creative ways.  www.JTIinc.com   440.232.4311

Author: JTI Trailer & Hitch Experts

JTI is John's Trailers Inc., Cleveland's trailer experts since 1935. Our blog offers trailering tips, service, maintenance, and advice regarding trailers, hitches, and all related equipment (including snow plows).

One thought on “5 Things To Do With a Trailer (That Might Surprise You)

  1. I have never thought to use a trailer and turn it into a little home. My kids would actually love that. It would probably be a really fun thing to take camping and you don’t have to worry about it getting cold in a tent. I will have to read up on this and see how hard it is to make one.


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