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Cleveland Roots, Innovation & Good Works: Let’s Keep Rolling

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Once again, The Culinary Institute in Milan, Ohio is hosting the Roots Conference, inspiring chefs to use their talents (and jobs) to make food a little more friendly for folks who eat. The chefs and others in attendance will explore how they can (and do) make a difference to clean water, health, trash, the environment…it’s heady stuff. carrot-trailer

If you’re thinking “this had nothing to do with trailers,” you’re right. Of course, if you’ve visited here before, you also know we’re very fond of farmers, and that we like to eat.

Cleveland Roots, Reaching Out

We’ve been in the trailer business, here in Cleveland, for 80 years. We haven’t exactly reinvented the wheel, but we’re very proud to say we’ve helped keep our customers rolling for a long time. Trailers and hitches aren’t as fundamental to life as food, but they are certainly fundamental to our customers’ businesses. Quite simply, we take pride in what we do. That’s why we’re still doing it.

We believe no matter what your business, no matter what your job, you can make a difference by doing it well.

From trailers and hitches to sandwiches to farming, whatever you do affects others. So here’s to the 80-year-old Cleveland sandwich shops, the Cleveland corporate giants not resting on their laurels, Potato_harvest_-trailerthe farmers who feed us all, and to you. Whatever your job, do it well. It matters.

More about the Roots Conference: If you’d like a little food for thought about how the food you eat affects your overall health and the world in general, take a look at the Roots agenda. Or just read the short piece in Scene Magazine – another Cleveland gem.


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