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The tiny houses “movement” is well-established, and has been covered intiny house on flatbed trailer recent months locally on Cleveland’s 90.3 The Sound of Ideas as well as on many national news outlets. While we don’t have much to add ourselves, we’d love to hear from you if you’re knowledgable about the trend. Or even if you’re not – and like us, are just interested in the concept.

What kind of tiny house would serve you well? A “mobile” tiny house, built on a trailer? A tiny houseboat?

If the whole idea is new to you, here are some links you might want to follow to find out more:

Tiny Houses vs. Campers and Trailers: Which is better? A survey by Tree Hugger

Tiny House that FloatsTiny House Trailer: A DIYer’s Story

The Sound of Ideas 90.3: Living Large in Tiny Houses

Obviously, if your home sits upon a trailer, every spec is critical. From axles to GVWR, tire load ratings, support beams, fenders…it all matters.

Have you lived on your trailer in NE Ohio? Tell us! We’d love to feature you on our blog! 

tiny house on tandem trailer_________________________________________________________________________________

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