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Karavan Trailers – Galavanized or Polyester Powder Coat – How to Decide?

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We’re excited to have Karavan Trailers back on our lot. Many customers have requested that we stock them and we listened!

Karavan Galvanized

Why Karavan?

Karavan utility trailers are popular general duty trailers, and they’re great for hauling ATVs, golf carts, and lawn equipment. The ones we’ve recently received feature ramps and tie-down stake pockets, making it easy to load and secure your equipment or vehicle. They’re also lighter than many similar sized trailers, making them more energy efficient (and a good choice if you have a smaller tow vehicle).

Back in Black?

Shiny silver boat trailers are what many people think of first when they hear the Karavan name. The galvanized finish lasts as long as aluminum and is about twice as strong. But Karavan makes more than boat trailers, and silver isn’t the only color choice. Many of the Karavans we’ve recently received feature black, textured paint with a rugged look. But Karavan’s black finish is more than a fashion basic.

Polyester Powder Coat vs. Galvanized Finish

The black Karavan trailers on our lot have a polyester powder coat, which is also long-lasting and strong. Karavan’s polyester powder coat is a baked-on finish that it is superior to a liquid spray-on finish, and known in particular for its impact and UV resistance. (This is an obvious advantage for boat trailers, as well as many others.) So which is better, a galvanized or polyester power coat? That’s not a simple question to answer. To select the best finish for you, think about how you plan to use the trailer. Karavan offers some good advice on its website:

  • Either an aluminum or a galvanized trailer would be a good choice if you boat in salt water.
  • A painted trailer works best in fresh water.
  • Remember, brackish conditions exist even in fresh water, and road salt and other elements in the environment can work against a painted finish.

So how can you keep your Karavan trailer – either galvanized or poly power-coated – looking good for the long haul?  Karavan suggests:

  • Always rinse your trailer off in fresh water after loading to prevent rust corrosion and lengthen the life of your trailer.
  • Wash and wax your trailer periodically to extend the paint life on your trailer, as with any vehicle.
  • Clean and touch up any nicks or scratches immediately to prevent rusting.

How’s That for a Fabulous Finish?

Galvanized and polyester powder coat are just two types of fabulous trailer finishes. Yes, we do get a little carried away when we talk about trailers. Hey, that’s our job.

Come see why we’re excited about these Karavan trailers! You may get excited about them too.

Find warranty info and maintenance tips on Karavan’s website.


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