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Business Changes: Rolling Through History

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JTI was established in 1935 on Cleveland’s east side. It was in large part a response to the demand for trailers from local farmers who needed to haul their wares to the West Side Market – which would soon be renovated (for the first time). Eliot Ness was the new Safety Director in town. Cleveland was the 5th largest city in the nation. As Cleveland grew, JTI did too.

Throwback to Towbars

In the early 1960s, the second generation of JTI ownership expanded the business to include the design and manufacture of hitches and towbars used in the rental car industry. At that time, a rental car company could provide the service of delivering a car to the customer’s home or business. A small car was towed behind the rental car with a temporary hitch and towbar. A single driver would deliver the rental car, then return to the home office in the towed vehicle to repeat the process. Hitches and towbars were shipped to customers throughout the United States and Canada.

Tow Bar - Old Towing Technology

Mid-1960s towing technology

That all changed with the advent of the energy-absorbing bumper, like those found on vehicles today.

So JTI rolled with the changes … and today remains in the trailer and hitch business, selling, servicing, and customizing trailers for customers who depend on their trailers and hitches, for work or for play.

Glad to be rolling in Cleveland for 80 years!

More detailed information about JTI’s history, and our company’s very first infographic (!!) can be found in another blog post, here. <LINK>

For a timeline of Cleveland’s history, see The History of Cleveland website, which is maintained by Case Western Reserve University, another fine Cleveland institution.



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Author: JTI Trailer & Hitch Experts

JTI is John's Trailers Inc., Cleveland's trailer experts since 1935. Our blog offers trailering tips, service, maintenance, and advice regarding trailers, hitches, and all related equipment (including snow plows).

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