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Take Hauling a Trailer As Seriously As Shaving With A Straight Razor

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Anyone can haul a trailer as long as they take it seriously. HOW Seriously? Take it as serious as you would if shaving with a straight razor. You’ll get great results but you have to be very careful.

We all know that shaving with a straight razor gives the best shave. But, it’s risky, dangerous, and takes time and patience to get good results.  Hitching & hauling a trailer should be treated the same way.  Hauling a trailer takes time, patience, and level of good technique to make sure that you, your cargo, and everyone else on the road is safe.

There are some sensitivities that you should ALWAYS be mindful of while hauling a trailer:

  1. Make sure you are hauling the correct weight.
  2. Do a 15 point inspection.
  3. Align yourself correctly when you are attaching your hitch to your trailer.
  4. Watch your speed and control.
  5. Your driving style has to change: you are longer, heavier, and less agile.
  6. Take your time!

You’ll have great results as long as your are mindful of your trailer, your positioning, and your speed. Happy Hauling!


JTI - John's Trailer's, Inc. At JTI, we aim to follow this advice every day. Follow us on Facebook or Twitter for more safety tips, as well as industry news and announcements. Or just call us with your questions! Experience is a mighty teacher, and we have experience in every aspect of trailering. 440.232.4311

Author: JTI Trailer & Hitch Experts

JTI is John's Trailers Inc., Cleveland's trailer experts since 1935. Our blog offers trailering tips, service, maintenance, and advice regarding trailers, hitches, and all related equipment (including snow plows).

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